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Home News Boycott campaign - FDP fights BDS movement - Politics

Boycott campaign – FDP fights BDS movement – Politics

  • The BDS movement is harshly criticizing Israel with a campaign.
  • Among other things, it deliberately advertises to boycott Israeli products.
  • The FDP now wants to proceed by request in the Bundestag against the movement.

From Daniel Brössler, Berlin

They call for a boycott of certain sneakers, rage against concerts in Tel Aviv, cut Israeli scientists, fly insurance leaflets outside business locations, and call for no Israeli goods from the occupied territories to be bought. The activists of the campaign "Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions for Palestine" (BDS), make worldwide front against the Jewish state, even in Germany. In Berlin, they called for a boycott of a cultural festival because the Israeli embassy had paid some flights by artists. Now resistance is forming in the Bundestag against the campaign.

"The BDS movement is in its methods and goals not only anti-Israeli, but mostly clear anti-Semitic," it says in one of South German newspaper this request, which was approved by the FDP Group. BDS questioned Israel's right to exist and demonized Israelis "in conspiracy theory". But above all: "Attaching 'Do not buy' signs to sites selling Israeli products reminds us of times in the darkest chapter of our history, of the signs everywhere at that time: 'Do not buy from the Jew'.

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Each side senses betrayal

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The FDP in the Bundestag hopes for a joint motion of all political groups except the AfD

According to the FDP, the BDS campaign should not only be condemned, but restricted concretely in its room for maneuver. For example, it should be prohibited to use state resources to finance non-governmental organizations that demand the boycott of Israeli products, businesses or individuals. In buildings under federal administration, the BDS campaign will not be provided with premises. Similar initiatives already exist at the municipal level, for example in Munich.

In their initiative, the FDP appeals to the anti-Semitism commissioner of the Federal Government, Felix Klein. This, too, had branded BDS as "anti-Semitic in its goals and actions." The campaign is trying to delegitimize the Jewish state "step by step". Established in 2005 by Palestinian organizations, the BDS movement equates Israeli settlement policy with apartheid, which ruled South Africa until 1994. Her most famous face is Roger Waters, co-founder of the British rock band Pink Floyd. German supporters of the campaign call for the end of the Holocaust-based close cooperation with Israel. As long as Israel abuses this cooperation "also for violations of human rights and international law", Germany complains "of these violations".

The FDP member of parliament Frank Mueller-Rosentritt hopes for a joint request of all factions except the AfD still in May. It was "about the matter, not about party political profiling". The Greens, in the words of their foreign policy spokesman, Omid Nouripour, are ready to "negotiate with all other democratic parties on a meaningful political motion." Nouripour rejects "BDS politically because the movement is directed against the two-state solution and draws no firewall in Europe against the toughest anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers." In the SPD one points out that the Bundestag boycott calls against Israel and Jews already 2018 had condemned. It could be "but helpful to reposition itself in the matter once again," says the foreign policy spokesman of the SPD faction, Nils Schmid. His colleague from the Union faction, Jürgen Hardt, wants to work only with the "democratic Israel-friendly parties of the center". That excludes not only the AfD, but also the Left Party.

It is regrettable that if the left is excluded criticizes its chairman in the Foreign Affairs Committee, Stefan Liebich. The managing left-wing executive committee had rejected calls for boycott against Israeli products already in 2011. He considers that "still right".

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