BOZA: “Rosalía is a mommy and everything she does is art” | Videos | LOS40 Urban

Boza He has been on stage since he was 17 years old. The Panamanian singer has been in the music industry since 2015, although it has been in recent months that his name has exploded around the world, becoming one of the most requested names in the industry.

Thanks to topics like Made for me O Her, Boza has not stopped gaining success and more and more people are dancing to his songs until they are exhausted. And we have to recognize that they are addictive.

In fact, the artist has more than eleven million monthly listeners on Spotify alone. Come on, a real outrage. His last topic, Her, has not stopped gaining success in recent weeks.

Now, the Panamanian has faced one of our favorite LOS40 Urban content: responding to comments. The 23-year-old stands in front of the camera to answer some of the answers that his followers have left him on YouTube.

“I was a little nervous about what was going to happen and that people are receiving it well is good,” says the artist after reading one of the first comments where they congratulate him on this new work.

About his songs

The singer has also spoken about his Hit Awards nomination. In addition, he has said how he writes his songs: “I sing what I feel, do you understand? Do not sing any song that does not carry a message in the end. “

“I really always try to have that balance. I try to sing from both sides, not just from the man’s point of view ”, says Boza about his lyrics.

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He has also responded to comments on whether he would collaborate with Rosalía: “She is a mommy, really, everything she does is like art. I really like what he does, how he sings, how he expresses himself. Making a song with her would be super excellent “

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