Developers have improved the gadget, making it more useful for users.

It is reported that the bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 3, whose sales began three months ago, received the function of the sports mode, which was expected by millions of fans of the brand.

Now users will be able to run various sports applications not only with a mobile device, but also through a bracelet. Additional function will be especially useful for sports fans. The update will save user time, and also help you to quickly manage the device during physical activity. It is noted that the function does not replace Mi Fit, however, the pre-set parameters will help to use the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 in this way. A new function was implemented with the help of a new firmware, which will create a separate item in the bracelet menu with a training mode. Activate the process by pressing the display. During training, the bracelet monitors activity, heart rate and other data.

Miroslava Dontsova




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