Brain abnormalities detected in the victims of “the sonic attack” in Cuba

Brain abnormalities detected in the victims of
 “the sonic attack” in Cuba

Physicians treating victims of attacks ” mysterious and invisible “against the US Embassy in Cuba have discovered brain abnormalities by seeking explanations for damage to their hearing, vision, balance and memory.

The information was revealed by the Associated Press Wednesday 6. The medical tests carried out on the victims of this supposed “sonic attack” showed that the latter had modified the zones of the white matter that allow different parts of the brain to communicate and which links the cells between them.

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The consequences of these lesions on the cerebral cortex are not known in the long term and doctors estimate that the 24 affected Americans will have to be followed for life. Similar lesions have been observed in people who have been subjected to very high explosions, especially in conflict zones.

These mysterious attacks, which American officials believe could have been carried out using acoustic devices, have therefore affected at least 24 people in the US embassy in Havana between the end of 2016 and August 2017.

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The latter had suffered from ” migraines and nausea “, but also ” mild traumatic brain injury and permanent hearing loss “, according to US diplomatic sources.

FBI investigators continue their investigations to try to understand these mysterious attacks while Cuba categorically denies being at the origin. Many experts in the United States and Cuba question the feasibility of such attacks, but Peter Earnest, director of the Washington Spy Museum, recalled that ” in the past, several organizations have worked on using sound as a weapon “.

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