Brain Foods: These Are The Most Dangerous Brain Foods | Health

There are foods that would be better to reduce their consumption in the daily diet or perhaps seriously think about excluding them, since several studies have demonstrated the danger that they represent for the functioning of the brain and how it can expose it to serious neurological diseases.

Pastries, sweets and soft drinks are among the most dangerous foods. According to a study by the British University of Bath,the amount of sugar in these products damages the vital enzyme involved in the inflammatory response in the early stages of Alzheimer’s.

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Thus, this study has shown that patients with diabetes have an increased risk of develop Alzheimer’s compared to healthy people.

Junk food like lFrench fries, hamburgers and the like are also on the list of dangerous products for the brain. A study conducted by scientists from the Australian National University He explained that these foods “are eating your brain.” Unhealthy eating habits put you at serious risk of developing diseases such as diabetes 2, significant declines in brain function, dementia, and even brain shrinkage.

Spicy foods or spices can also be dangerous. Scientists from the University of South Australia detected in a study that these foods could be linked to dementia after accelerated cognitive decline was evidenced in people who ate a spicy diet.

Another study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that the consumption of processed meats is a potential risk for incident dementia.

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