Brain: how to keep it always active

There are good practices that allow us to keep our brain always active and healthy, here’s how

I modern times they have accustomed us to frenetic and increasingly confused daily rhythms. Work, school, study, daily commitments, are real stress factors for our body which, if not managed carefully and wisely, can cause problems important.


Take care of ours body and ours mindin fact, it makes a difference in the quality of our life, and very often it depends on ourselves. In fact, there are good practices that allow us to keep our brains always active and healthy, here’s how.

How to keep our brains active and healthy

Often ours lifestyle it cannot be reconciled with what are the real needs of our organism, but we forget about it. It would be very useful, in fact, to exercise, avoid a sedentary lifestyle and prefer a sport sano e regenerating, avoiding an incorrect and tiring diet for our body.

Eat well, in fact, it is very important for our body, as it is through food that we supply our body with all the nutrients our body needs. It is also important to think about to preserve our brain and protect it over time. In fact, there are particular foods that are perfect for our mind, especially those rich in vitamine omega 3 e minerals.

But for help our brain to be active and vigorous it is also very useful to dedicate oneself to activities constructive. There are, in fact, some types of workouts that treat our brain like a real muscle. These are exercises that help our brain keep fit, like i crossword puzzle o la reading.


According to research conducted by some scholars, moreover, too Brush your teeth not using your favorite hand is a great help in keeping our brain healthy. This gesture, in fact, would stimulate brain activity and make it more functional over time.


Furthermore, it seems to be very useful to rely totally on the touch in some situations of the day, such as the object recognition activity ad closed eyes. Equally useful is experimenting new recipes in cooking, using new and little-known ingredients.