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Brand on Untersberg: large-scale deployment of the emergency services

"It seems to be a conflagration in the area of ​​the first cable car support. Whether this is in connection with the current maintenance work on the cable car, is still unclear, "said police spokesman Hans Wolfgruber to SALZBURG24. Even plant manager Hansjörg Kammerlander could currently not rule out that the pines have been ignited by flying sparks. Among other things, a bolt on the support 1 was cut out during the current renovation work.

Large-scale operation of the Salzburg emergency services

The fire brigades from Grödig with the Löstenzug Fürstenbrunn, the Löschzug Niederalm and the fire department Koppl with the forest fire equipment and the fire department Eugendorf with the Einsatzleitfahrzeug are in use. Also disengaged are marshallers and the kerosene tanker of the Landesfeuerwehrverbandes. The Florianis are supported by helicopters of the police and an "Alouette III" and an "AB212" of the Austrian Armed Forces.

A conflagration on the Untersberg: explosions?

"An area of ​​about 500 square meters is in the area of ​​the lower lift support on fire," said Markus Passauer from the Land Fire Brigade Association (LFV) to SALZBURG24. Witness reports that explosions were heard on Untersberg, he can not confirm.

Eight employees rescued from Untersberg

The employees of the Untersbergbahn, which were in the area of ​​the forest fire, were flown unharmed into the valley by means of the winds of the German army helicopter. All eight employees are well, said the LFV at 14.30 clock on his homepage.
Meanwhile, the fire is under control, the firefighting by helicopter continue without interruption. At about 15 o'clock a Blackhawk helicopter of the Federal Army is expected. From a current point of view, the firefighting work with four helicopters should last until the evening hours.

Due to the strong flight movements, the local transit from Grödig in the area Untersbergseilbahn to municipality remains closed in both directions.



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