Brave mouth, trembling legs! Democrats slap the mouth ‘dance’ impaired ‘invite’ to show the boss

‘Rames’ beats back, ‘Nattawut’ is invaluable, ‘Mr. Huachuan’ is just a porter to show Mr. reflected clearly for the outspoken Thai, the legs trembling

6 February 2023 – Mr. Rames Ratanachaweng, spokesman for the Democrat Party as secretary to the President of the National Assembly Mentioning the case of the Pheu Thai Party having opened a speech in Phang Nga Province and accused the Democrat Party of defaming that He was an candidate for the MP District 2, Phang Nga Province, followed the speech on February 5 all the time, not worried, but had to continue to fight politically. According to the democratic way, but I must say that it is an old political game, insulting, degrading others. distort words to cause damage to others

As for the story that Mr. Nuttawut mentioned about Mr. Chuan Leekpai, it shows his maturity. have very little intelligence person acting as council president What power will there be to control the consciousness of the MPs? The more opposition such as the Pheu Thai Party cannot control even harder. council quorum Every MP should be responsible. Don’t think about land slides. If the work in the council is not yet responsible Mr. Nuttawut and himself are different. We have people who love and have different faith. He believes in good people, has honesty, respects the law, and most importantly, does not corrupt the country.

A spokesman for the Democrat Party said that why Mr. Nuttawut tried to embarrass Mr. Chuan Leekpai at every forum in the southern part of the Pheu Thai Party, it was understood that the people who followed Mr. Nuttawut’s speech rarely had anyone give the same price. Now the boss intends to send his son to compete for the position of prime minister.

“Mr. Nuttawut’s subordinates must show their full potential. The Pheu Thai Party has a trembling tongue. He said he was not afraid of democracy because he was not a competitor. But his legs were shaking all the time. As for the party, we have never been concerned about any political party. People can see which party they can rely on. Which party is a family party has someone who owns it. The rest of the party is just an employee. Let Mr. Nuttawut remember that this election will definitely meet a person named Chuan Leekpai, ”said Mr. Rames.

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