Braves leave the Dodgers on the road and are crowned in the National League

The Atlanta Braves were crowned National League Championship Series champions after leaving reigning World Series champions on the way, Los angeles dodgers and now they will define the champion of the 2021 season of the Major League Baseball before the Houston Astros.

The Georgia ninth needed six games to sentence the Dodgers who fell short in their goal of revalidating the title they won last season and this Saturday night they suffered a 4-run loss by 2 that marked their elimination and qualification. out of Atlanta for the World Series that kicks off Tuesday.

In this way, the Braves are back in a World Series after a long time, the last time they played it in the 1999 season when they were swept by the New York Yankees. Shortly before they had obtained their first title of Big leagues when they prevailed against the Cleveland Indians (4-2) in 1995.

Eddie Rosario was the great figure

The Atlanta Braves began the attack in search of victory early before Walker Buelher, who was ultimately responsible for opening by Los angeles dodgers instead of Max Scherzer. In the same first inning a pair of doubles of Ozzie Albies and Austin Riley they allowed him to inaugurate the blackboard.

But it wasn’t until the fourth episode that they made a real difference. After the Dodgers leveled the score at the top of that inning, at the end it was Eddie Rosario’s turn to get noticed by hitting a home run with two teammates in circulation to put the Braves forward again and put the victory on track.

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