Brawl between women for jealousy in Catania, questore closes local – Sicily

In the nightlife area, permits suspended for 15 days

(ANSA) – CATANIA, DECEMBER 14 – The Police Chief of Catania has suspended, for fifteen days, the authorizations for the management of a well-known restaurant located in via Antonino di Sangiuliano, a nightlife area in the historic centre, over a “violent dispute between women for reasons of jealousy”. The incident took place on December 12th. The police with patrols of the Volunteers intervened on the spot. Shortly before, other agents had intervened after a report of fireworks explosion near the club and the city police fined several cars parked in double rows that slowed down traffic.

In recent months, the business, the Police Headquarters recalls in a note, was also reported for loud music and noise outside the premises and was, therefore, checked several times, and on some occasions customers were also identify people with criminal records.

“The provision of suspension of the activity – they explain from the Police Headquarters – responds to the objective need to protect public order or the safety of citizens through the dissuasion of dangerous subjects or those affected by its attendance, and this regardless of any responsibility of the operator, having an eminently precautionary and non-sanctionary nature, in order to put an end to a situation of danger to public safety that the continuation of the opening of the exercise could help to fuel or even just favor”.




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