Brawl Mantova, boy dies in front of the station. A 22-year-old stopped – Chronicle

Mantua – Un 21 year old boy And died this morning all‘Carlo Poma hospital in Mantua, where he had been hospitalized last night after being seriously injured at the end of a dispute with two other young foreigners. The boy, Abdul Mobarik Zanré, a 21-year-old from Ghana (resident in Marcheno), arrived at the emergency room dying. It was 10 pm last night when the altercation between the three, near the Mantua railway station, is degenerate. Suddenly the 21 year old is slumped to the ground holding his belly while the other two fled. The boy was seriously injured, it is not clear whether with one stab or with a shard of bottle.

Meanwhile one of the two young people on the run was identified by the carabinieri: it is a 22 year old Moroccan, deemed the author of the blow then fatal result, subjected to arrest of a suspect of a crime. Man it was tracked aboard a train as he tried to leave the city. The validation hearing in front of the investigating judge is scheduled for the next few days. The carabinieri are conducting their investigations and for the moment they are not unbalancing on the motive for the crime. Videos of the many are being evaluated cameras in operation in the area to reconstruct the phases of the fight and identify those responsible.

At the moment the carabinieri are leaning towards one brawl broke out, still not known for what reason, between two people. Some witnesses reported, however, that there were three people involved, including a woman. The three would have stolen a cellphone to an ecological operator who was collecting the waste and would then have to object to the division of the loot. However, it is not excluded that the fight was born for drug issues, it seems that the carabinieri found hashish in the victim’s pocket.

According to an initial reconstruction, during the dispute a knife appeared in the hands of one of the boys who wounded the young Ghanaian. He would have dragged himself, injured, for a few meters and then lost consciousness while the other people involved fled. The case is being dealt with by the deputy prosecutor Paola Reggiani. “What matters is that a boy was killed and regardless of the reasons, which immediately emerged with the intervention of the Carabinieri, the only reaction we can have is that of a life that is taken away” he wrote on Facebook the mayor of Mantua, Mattia Palazzi.