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Brazil: Bolsonaro announces crackdown on critical media


The new president of Brazil is contesting critical voices in the country. One measure: no support from state advertising anymore.

Under the new president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, some media may lack important financial resources in the future.
© Ricardo Moraes / Reuters

The future president of Brazil is apparently preparing for a fight with his country's media. In a television interview, Jair Bolsonaro responded to the question of whether he was the freedom of the press, including those of the main critic of his newspaper Folha de S.Paulo, would respect, "This paper is done." He also did not want to support such leaflets with regard to government advertising, he said.

The budget for state advertising in the media, which will be controlled by him in the future, is about half a billion dollars. For many Brazilian media, it could therefore be financially tight in the next few years.

Bolsonaro had already criticized the press in Brazil during the election campaign. He described investigative reports as false reports from a corrupt establishment. Like US President Donald Trump, he railed against "Fake News". His followers launched critical journalists.



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