Brazil: Bolsonaro planks on the formation of his government
/ Mauro Pimentel

Two days after his election to the presidency of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro gathered on Tuesday his staff to select the members of his future far-right government, which will innovate with a controversial merger of the Ministries of Agriculture and Agriculture. Environment.

For the Ministry of Justice, the president-elect has made an appeal to Sergio Moro, emblematic figure of the fight against corruption, who said he was "honored” pending a formal proposal.

The elected president also raised the possibility of proposing to the magistrate a post of Judge of the Supreme Court, which will be filled during his mandate.

Judge Moro was particularly successful in condemning in the first instance the former president left Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who is serving a sentence of 12 years and one month in prison since April for passive bribery and money laundering.

Following the meeting of Jair Bolsonaro with his close advisers in Rio de Janeiro, Onyx Lorenzoni, billed as the future head of government, confirmed that Brazil would have from January "15 to 16 ministries", against about thirty now.

This drastic reduction involves the merger of several ministries. "Agriculture and the Environment will be part of the same ministry, as originally planned," said Lorenzoni.

However, Jair Bolsonaro said Wednesday, four days before the second round, be "open to negotiation” on this very controversial point of his program.

"80% of the positions awarded"

Environmentalists believe that this merger would be tantamount to sacrificing environmental protection to the interests of the powerful agribusiness lobby, which openly supports the president-elect.

This measure would worry even representatives of this lobby, who fear trade sanctions from foreign countries on Brazilian exports of meat or soy, two productions with high environmental impact.

Environmentalist Marina Silva, herself a former environment minister, described the merger as a "disaster", saying on Twitter that "" a tragic era is opening up where environmental protection is equal to zero ".

Greenpeace called the merger "big mistake"” in "a country that has the greatest biodiversity on the planet and the largest forest in the world", the Amazon, and thus "shoot a shot in the foot from an economic point of view."

Another merger, another back-pedaling: Paulo Guedes, ultra-liberal guru of Bolsonaro, has confirmed that he will head a super-ministry of the economy, which will bring together the current ministries of finance, planning, finance, Industry and Foreign Trade.

Last week, after a meeting with representatives of the industrial and agricultural sectors, he said he would keep the Ministries of Industry and Foreign Trade separate from the Ministry of Economy.

The Sao Paulo Stock Exchange ended Tuesday up 3.69%.

In the early evening, thousands of people demonstrated in Sao Paulo, singing "Not him” (Bolsonaro), him never, "under the supervision of very many military policemen.

Gustavo Bebianno, another gray eminence of Jair Bolsonaro who took part in the meeting, later assured that "" about 80% of the ministerial posts have already been awarded ".

"The names will be announced a little later for strategic reasons," said the lawyer, who left Monday the presidency of the Social Liberal Party (PSL) of Bolsonaro, to focus exclusively on the transition.

The president-elect said Monday night that he will go to Brasilia next week to meet outgoing head of state Michel Temer.


Onyx Lorenzoni also said Monday that his first trips abroad would be in Chile, Israel and the United States, countries that "share our vision of the world".

On Monday, during his first television interview since his election, Jair Bolsonaro insisted on his promises of the most radical campaign, including the liberalization of the port of arms, which he wants among other things to lower the age limit from 25 to 21 years .

To justify himself, he gave an example: "If a driver is armed and reacts when someone tries to steal his cargo (…) the thief is shot, (in a situation of) self-defense. and it is not punished, it will reduce violence in Brazil, that's for sure. "

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