Brazil: Bolsonaro’s fate, according to Bolsonaro | Opinion

From Rio de Janeiro

In his repeated coup, the extreme right Jair Bolsonaro explained this Friday, in front of a large audience of evangelists (Photo), which has three alternatives for the future: to be arrested, to be killed or to victory.

Immediately, he clarified: no one will be able to stop him, death depends on the will of God and victory depends on “you, the people.”

He said again that he does not intend to carry out any break – in clear allusion to a coup – but that “there is a limit to everything.”

Without naming anyone, he denounced the abuse of “two gentlemen” who feel authorized to adopt measures that violate constitutional rights, alluding to Alexandre de Moraes and Luis Roberto Barroso, members of the Supreme Federal Court and from Superior Electoral Courtl.


With that, he made it clear that he has no intention of lowering the level of his persistent aggression against the members of the Supreme Court of Justice, and that he will insist on encouraging street demonstrations against its members, as well as against Congress.

Bolsonaro, by the way, in addition to having suffered defeats in the Senate, is the target of investigations in both courts, the supreme court and the electoral court.

Reiterating that his commitment is to “the people”, he took the opportunity to once again summon the evangelists, a substantial part of his most fanatical support base, to the street demonstrations on September 7, Independence Day.

“Experimental” vaccines

And as was inevitable, he again criticized vaccines – “all experimental”, which is denied even by those responsible for authorizing them and who make up his government – already defend drugs that are not only ineffective but can also cause serious collateral damage.

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He was euphorically applauded.

As September 7 approaches, tension grows in Brazil. The intentions of Bolsonaro and his most radical followers to promote acts of violence are palpable, no matter how much he denies it.

It is worth remembering that, in addition to evangelists, Bolsonaro has the support of most of the members of the Military Police throughout the country. And they also announce that they will be in the mobilizations in defense of the government and against “the communists” who intend to return to power in the 2022 elections.

If you look at the general panorama experienced by Brazil, there are plenty of reasons to worry. In addition to all the collapse carried forward by the worst government in the history of the Republic, and the deaths caused by the pandemic and, for the most part, also by the inertia of the ultra-rightist government, it is now the economy which shows palpable symptoms of stagnation and strengthening of inflation.

In this picture, the exacerbated radicalism of Bolsonaro’s followers represents a real and concrete threat. Even though they are a minority – 64 percent of Brazilians say their government ranges from “bad” to “lousy” – they are enough to cause violent riots.

And it is precisely in the midst of that announced storm that the president calls demonstrations for a “September 7 of the people.”

If it is remembered that more than insurance forces of public security the Military Police of the whole country appear as a threat and a source of fear, it becomes possible to understand the dimension of the prevailing tension.

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What is not understood, and nobody explains, is why the hell those who are in a position to control it or directly remove it from power – there are plenty of concrete reasons for so much – remain apathetic.

In the drawer of the president of the Chamber of Deputies rest, calm, more than 120 requests to open a trial to dismiss him. There is plenty of evidence that he committed at least 26 crimes provided not only in the Constitution, but in all criminal codes.

History will record the names of the accomplices and accessories to the disaster more than announced.

But it will be too late: the present will be past, and the future the reverse of what it could have been.