Brazilian presidential election, Lula and Bolsonaro’s approval rating rivalry = survey | Reuters

According to the latest poll released on October 19 by polling firm Dattafolha, former President Lula’s lead over incumbent President Bolsonaro in Brazil’s presidential election on October 30 has shrunk to 4 percentage points. were evenly matched. FILE PHOTO: Brasilia, Brazil, March 13, 2022. REUTERS/Ueslei Marcelino

SAO PAULO (Reuters) – Former President Lula has a four-point lead over incumbent Bolsonaro in Brazil’s presidential runoff on October 30, according to a new survey released on Tuesday by polling firm Dattafolha. It has shrunk and is statistically even.

The poll found Lula’s approval rating at 49% and Bolsonaro’s at 45%, narrowing the gap from 49% to 44% five days ago.

The margin of error in the poll is 2 percentage points, and the math could lead to a 47% approval rating for both.

The poll found that 94% of respondents had already decided which candidate to vote for, with the remaining 6% of the votes being contested.

This survey was conducted for the first time after the candidate debate on the 16th. During the debate, Bolsonaro questioned allegations of corruption that ran rampant from 2003 to 2016 during Lula’s administration.

The poll was conducted between 17-19 and 2,912 voters.