Brazilian football player Hulk has reportedly married his ex-wife’s niece in a “sudden marriage” after he confirmed his relationship only last December.

The striker ended his 12-year relationship with ex-wife Iran Angelo in July last year, and reports of his relationship with her niece Camila Angelo, 31, appeared later in December.

The couple were said to have been together since October of the same year.

The 33-year-old striker has reportedly blocked Camila after he wrote “married” in his social media biography.

The couple have posted several pictures on which they appear to wear wedding rings.

According to the Argentine newspaper Infobae, the “sudden marriage was also due to the fact that” Camila “needed a visa” to stay in China, where Hulk plays for Shanghai.

The football player is said to have shared the news of his relationship with Camila to his family in December, including his wife Iran and their three children Ian (10), Thiago (8) and Alice (6).

A spokesman for the football player made a statement at the time: “Hulk called Camila’s parents and brother and told them the truth.

“It was Hulk himself who published the information because he had nothing to hide. His position is transparency and he wants to avoid lies and malicious comments. “

Apart from the fact that the footballer wrote “married” on his social media, he has not made an official statement confirming the reported marriage.

According to reports, Camilla apologized to her aunt in an Instagram post that has since been deleted.

“Aunt Iran, first I want to tell you that this message is not an explanation or justification for anything,” she wrote.

“I had to tell you a few things that, unfortunately, I cannot say personally due to the circumstances.

“Although it is irrelevant to you now, I love you very much and look after you, so I’m talking here.

“It was very difficult to face all of this, but I would not do it if it were not true.

“I never thought it could happen, but we don’t rule our hearts, nobody is immune or liberated from it.

“I’m sorry. If I could choose, we wouldn’t go through it, but life doesn’t turn the way we imagine it.

“He showed me that there was no chance of a possible return, so we allowed ourselves to live.”

This article was originally published by The Sun and reproduced with permission


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