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Breakdance could give a boost to the Olympics 2024 in Paris

The breakdance is still more fun than the Grécoromaine fight. Here in Buenos Aires, at the Youth Olympic Games, in 2018. – A.M.

  • The French Dance Federation carries the project of inscription of breakdance as Olympic discipline.
  • The Olympic Committee wants to dust off its image with new disciplines.
  • Twenty disciplines have applied to join the Paris Olympics in 2024.

You always dreamed of having the role of Jennifer Beals in Flash Dance, to tape the jury as in the final scene and literally fly off the ground? Even if it was not the actress, but Crazy Legs, a member of the band Rock Steady Crew (and therefore, a man), who was doing the breakdance for the spinning top.

Be that as it may, rendezvous may be given to enthusiasts in 2024. Because breakdance, or break, breaking, breakdancing, b-boying, etc., could well be invited to the next Olympic Games, as the 'evokes Franceinfo. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is seeking to broaden and rejuvenate its audience by opening the field of disciplines. The breakdance was also present at the Summer Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 2018. A great first. Two Frenchmen had distinguished themselves, Carlota Dudek and Martin Lejeune, silver medalists at 16 years old.

From 4 to 77 years

We hope to have the green light of the committee, but we remain cautious, nuance Charles Ferreira, president of the French Dance Federation that carries this project. It is also a call to federate the world of hip-hop, which is made of multiple currents, at the national level. We will already support and accompany on June 23 in China our French dancers, for the world championship breakdance. "

Abdel Mustapha, coach, Charles Ferreira, president of the French Dance Federation, and Martin Lejeune, silver medalist at 16 years old.
Abdel Mustapha, coach, Charles Ferreira, president of the French Dance Federation, and Martin Lejeune, silver medalist at 16 years old. – A.M.

In September 2019, breakdance will also be present at the first edition of the Los Angeles World Urban Games. Here again, these games, which are intended as a "youth magnet", are supposed to bring back to the Olympic movement a generation more attracted by eSport or skateboarding than by dressage or Greco-Roman wrestling.

If it is successful with young people, this dance (halfway between art and sport) can be practiced at any age: "We even have awakening lessons for 4 year olds, said Abdel Mustapha, coach of the French delegation to the Youth Olympic Games in 2018. I knew a dancer who, at age 77, was still practicing! Breakdance is everywhere in movies, in pubs, and big brands like Red Bull have seized the phenomenon and organize competitions. The Olympics of 2024, it would be a real recognition of this sport, a great first. "

Water skiing and Basque pelota

While waiting for the eventual breakdance at the Paris 2024 Olympics, surfing, climbing and skateboarding – as many disciplines designed to attract young people – will be present in 2020, at the Tokyo Olympics.

In total, about twenty disciplines have applied to join the Olympic Games in 2024. Among them, electric trials, water skiing, squash, Basque pelota or petanque. With, in common criteria: young people in general, a mixed sport, practiced on all continents, spectacular for the public and which does not require any new infrastructure.

Discussions are still ongoing between the IOC and the French Dance Federation. The decision will be rendered on February 21st.


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