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Breaking Bad: Netflix will be the first to broadcast the film

We told you a few weeks ago, breaking Bad will afford a feature film, but not on the big screen. No question of finding the phrase series of AMC in the dark rooms, but rather on Netflix.

Netflix as savior

The series created by Vince Gilligan had a rather low profile, but it was when it was posted on Netflix that the phenomenon became international. Originally produced and broadcast on AMC, channel currently broadcasting The Walking Dead, the series remained on the air for 5 seasons until 2013. The creator spoke during his victory at the Emmy Awards in 2013 "I think Netflix has kept us going. Not only are we standing here tonight, but I think we would not have been able to continue after season 2 … It's a new era for television and we're lucky to have benefited from it. "

Jesse Pinkman in the heart of the plot

According to Deadline, the project named Greenbriar was part of the list of films that went into production last November in Albuquerque. The story would unfold after the events of the finale of the series. A synopsis had even leaked saying that the film would be an opportunity to "Follow a man on his quest for freedom after being kidnapped" Even if it is not yet confirmed in the casting, we hope to see Aaron Paul resume his role. Bryan Cranston meanwhile confided in the Dan Patrick Show "If Vince Gilligan proposes it to me, then I would do it without hesitation. The idea was, from what I was told, to be interested in characters whose story was not quite finished. "

Will we have the opportunity to see the actor in the skin of the character during a flashback? It will be necessary to be patient to discover it, the date of release was not yet known.


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