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One of Israel’s anti-ballistic missiles launched by Israel in the direction of Syria fell into the hands of the Syrians and was sent to Russia, media reports. Two missiles were launched to intercept the tactical missiles SS-21 "Point", recently entered service with the Syrian armed forces. About relations with Israel

Accounts Chamber identified significant risks to sustainable population growth Of Russia. Their cause is the accelerating fourth year population decline. About indicators

Iran begins uranium enrichment process at a nuclear facility in Fordo. Gas was supplied in 1044 centrifuges. This happened after the successful completion of all preparations.

Footballers of Russian Lokomotiv lose to Italian Juventus in the fourth round match of the UEFA Champions League group stage. The meeting, held in Moscow, ended with a score of 2: 1. More details

As it became known to Kommersant, the recognition by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation of a previously convicted participant in hostilities from the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) as a person whose stay is undesirable in Russia did not become the basis for his deportation to eastern Ukraine. The judicial authorities decided that returning to a historic homeland could be dangerous to his health and even his life. Ordinary citizens of the DPR and Ukraine continue to be expelled from Russia, even if they find themselves in settlements where military operations are conducted from time to time.

The value of the business activity index of small and medium enterprises decreased to 50.9 points, which actually indicates a halt in the growth of business activity in this segment. This conclusion follows from the study of Promsvyazbank, "Support of Russia" and the agency Magram Market Research.

Read about the upcoming November 7 events in the announcement of Kommersant.

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