BREAKING NEWS: PT Dua Kelinci Pati Factory has a great fire, so far it has not been successfully extinguished

TRIBUNJATENG.COM, PATI – PT Dua Kelinci’s peanut factory located on Jalan Raya Pati-Kudus, Margorejo, Pati experienced a severe fire, Tuesday (11/23/2021) afternoon at around 11.30 WIB.

The fire is still burning big in the factory building.

Some of the buildings collapsed.

Black smoke billowed thickly and soared in the sky.

The employees have been evacuated from the factory area.

The fire trucks are still coming

Fire trucks and water tanks are still arriving.

In addition to fire trucks belonging to PT Dua Kelinci and the Pati Regency Government, there is also fire truck assistance from PT Garudafood.

A female employee, Siti, said that the fire was thought to have started from an exploding oven.

PT Dua Kelinci’s Senior HRD Manager, Tofan Rudiyanto, said that the fire first appeared on the oven machine above the packaging room.