Breaking through the sky to go back to the universe, ‘Fluke The Star’ has been banned for years to ‘Party List for Pheu Thai’

Back on the path of ‘Fluke The Star’ from banned artists to the party list for Pheu Thai

Revealed 100 names (that) of MPs in the Pheu Thai party list form.

The name appears interesting, inviting many people to underline.

one of them is Pachara Thammamon The 50th rank when sorted by ‘alphabet’

This might not be a familiar name to people, but when it comes to ‘Fluke The Star’ It should be able to cry for a long time.

Mr. Phachara Thammon is the name according to the current ID card changed from Paramat

A native of Bangkok, born in 1988 before singing contests until having the surname The Star. He has acted in movies and television series since childhood.

Known for being a contestant on a famous music show like ‘The Star Searches for Stars Year 5’ In 2009, by winning 3rd place before becoming a sensation again when expressing prominent political opinions Until being banned from the entertainment industry, later entering the full circle of politics Wearing a shirt of the Thai Raksa Chart Party, was on the list of MPs in the 2019 election before the party was dissolved.

Announcement to support Yingluck to join 10,000 baht to help ‘pledging rice’ being cut off by her father

Back in 2015, Fluke posted a message via Facebook “Phachara Thammon” announcing that he would help. Miss Yingluck Shinawatra, Former Prime Minister If guilty of the rice-pledging case and being prosecuted for damages byContribution of 10,000 baht to help until the sound of heavy criticism in the online world allusion to family until the real father Came out to post on Facebook, reiterating that ‘It’s been cut off a long time ago’


‘Who will dramatize Fluke The Star, please know that it has been cut off with me for a long time. Please do not touch upon the descent of the descent father and mother. Because we can’t accept it either.’

Later, Fluke also stated that he was threatened. ‘Preparing to break the gut’ if there is a rally (Side) the rice-pledging knot

Affecting both personal life and artist’s path in the industry, it’s easy to say that it’s banned, whether it’s deliberate or not. from the shining star become a forgotten planet

Life monsoon cancels work, threatens ‘broken gut’, insists on not receiving money to post

At the end of 2016, Fluke moved again, stating that he would post politics for the last time. by reaffirming his support for former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra

one passage that

‘…..Disappointed with being warned many times already. Either about wiretapping or the tendency to be threatened in various ways.. Tired of being harassed by rude comments aggressive to family and my personal As for the question of whether you want to be popular or not, come out and post? I’d like to answer, I think that I haven’t had any work for a while and only posted short messages. In the small media, if you want Facebook, then it’s a trend. It probably answers the question by itself. Fame has made life difficult for me since I was a child actor. Say that he received the money to post. I will probably post more and more (I’m probably going to get rich).

accept it that we live in a society where people have different ideas It’s not that people think differently from you. He will be hired or with bad intentions. Finally, I still insist on supporting Prime Minister Pu. And I’m glad to see that now everyone has come out to help a lot of farmers. (Because of the people we hope to rely on, we can’t rely on) Thank you for sending encouragement. Always come to me too.”

Wearing a ‘Thai Raksa Chart’ shirt before being dissolved by the party

2019 Fluke enters the political path fully Wearing a shirt from the Thai Raksa Chart Party by being on the list list of MPs Go to the area to help candidates for MPs in Bangkok continue to campaign by knowing that they want to help solve the problems of the people according to their abilities.

However, on March 7, 2019, the judges of the Constitutional Court unanimously approved the dissolution of the Thai Raksa Chart Party and disqualified party executives from running for election. Register a new party or being on the executive committee of a political party for 10 years

Later, when a new generation flash mob occurred, Fluke took to the stage many times. as well as joining in singing various songs Including an open discussion on life stories that have been severely affected by political expression.

June 13, 2020 at the October 14 Memorial Conference Room, Ratchadamnoen Road, Bangkok, in organizing a discussion on the topic ‘Carried off…so what?’ by the People’s Liberation Council (KorPor.)

Fluke said that When he expressed his political views until the news flow make singing and events All canceled In addition, the selected media also published personal stories believe that it reduces the importance of the issues that they want to present In the end, he had to find another job to do. However, everyone should say what they can believe. Because in the end, every belief has both pros and cons. both wrong and right but if exchanged will come together to consider which approach leads to better things

Artists live by support, from purchases, from people from society, but in the end When the matter is said to offend the state or the sponsor, instead chooses to say that it is neutral, complicated. Sensitive, seems to take only not giving anything back to society I admire those who dare to show who has conscience. Courage unlike others I think society will have a response towards those who choose to remain silent or speak for themselves.”

2021 on stage ‘flash mob’ citizens

February 2021 fluke Tweet a message asking if it’s a good idea to organize a mob to find the media one channel at a time. By offering starting at the channel where the executive used to blow the whistle!

‘Can arrange a mob to go to the media, go one channel at a time, ask to talk, ask face to face if your indifferent attitude towards the movement is that you are on the side of the dictatorship or not? Do you restrict your child’s expression rights? Suggest going to the channel where the executives used to blow the whistle before, hahaha’

Later, on September 3, 2021, Fluke joined the mob in the arena of the Thammasat Alliance and the rally. and the Talu Fah Group in the “People Don’t Trust People” activity at Ratchaprasong intersection. Parallel to the no-confidence debate in the House of Representatives on the last day, in the evening, the subject sang ‘for that star’, which is the regular song of The Star program. By bringing a paper label with numbers pasted on the chest of the shirt, similar to when entering the competition in the said program

Fluke said on stage that night that I am very happy and honored to be able to sing a song that I do not invite myself to sing with others. But today I have come to sing with everyone here who has the same standpoint. That’s the point of correctness. Thank you to everyone who was together

Dress up like Ammie on the stage of the people

However, the Facebook fan page The star ldol with more than 2 million followers, used to reveal an overview of The Stars with the message “The Star fans make some noise!!!!! Spread the fins … with a special clip that captures the “best” of the program “The Star Raising the Sky and Raising the Stars” from seasons 1-12 that has created quality artists. is a star decorated in the Thai entertainment industry

but fan club “Fluke Phachara Thammamon” or Fluke The Star 5 Come in and invade and ask each other a lot. why no pictures fluke with while flukehas edited his own picture to join the frame along with the tag text tweets Boy Takonkiet Wiwan Boss Exact says ‘just want to have pictures with my friends too’

He also continued to crush his own IG and said that he would like to follow the program The star The memories as well.

to the party list ‘Pheu Thai’ in the 66 elections

Before being on the list of the Pheu Thai party that was recently revealed, Fluke was a candidate for MPs from the Pheu Thai Party in Bangkok since 2021 before being changed to a list.

once revealed through his own media that Very angry with the person ‘Tony’ mentioned in the clubhouse is the person who has left the Pheu Thai Party. but lead the party to speak in a detrimental way It also released news that the party would be dissolved. for people to move the party to hope to fish in the pond P’Tony and the Pheu Thai Party will be able to sit in the hearts of the people because of their sincerity and tangible past performance. And the people are happy from the policy that is practical and can be done. Both 30 baht cure all diseases. OTOP village fund, SMEs fund, SML fund, corporate tax reduction from 30% to 20%, etc. Therefore, who would want to steal a seat in the hearts of the people like they used to like to steal other people’s seats until it spread a lot on social media. unlikely

On March 25, 2023, Phachara Thammarat appeared in the list of applicants. 100 party-list MPs, divided into two parts: 80 nominated by executive directors and 20 nominated by self-application.

reiterates the political path again of this famous former artist