“Breakout or Not? 》The more the edge, the more prominent? Coby White’s new positioning in the Bulls? -NBA-Basketball

Speaking of the best sixth person, what would your imagination be?

In the past 10 years, how many times has the best sixth man been won by a backcourt scoring player who has a certain ability to handle the ball? Excluding the 2012-13 JR Smith and the 2019-20 Montrzl Harrell, from James Harden, Jamal Crawford, Lou Williams, Eric Gordon, to Jordan Clarkson, who was asked by reporters if he watched a lot of Utah Jazz games, we are here. The template for the best sixth man seems to have been finalized in the past few years.

Stronger than general point guards, and more capable of holding and organizing the ball than general flanks. However, no matter where the position is from 1 to 3 in defense, it feels a little bit less. Various scoring abilities are available and explosive. But it cannot be said to be stable day after day. If they want to fix certain tasks and hope they will do it every day, it may be too burdensome for them; but it is also because they can almost have a certain degree with most of the team’s formation. The match, so put them on the field and let them move freely. Suddenly, when that moment arrives, they give the opposing line of defense an occasional loophole to cause serious damage.

Why start from here?Because of these characteristics, it seems that they are all in the Chicago Bulls, which can be seen in Coby White, a 6-3 tall guard from the University of North Carolina, who was selected with the seventh overall pick in 2019.With the improvement of the Bulls’ lineup this year, although it seems that his positioning in the team has been pushed back a bit, it is possible to piece together an environment that is more suitable for his positioning and development, which will become an opportunity for explosion.

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Before this season, what kind of player was this?

Based on the data for the first two years of his career,He played 28.6 minutes, average 14.2 points, 3.8 rebounds and 3.8 assists. It seems that the output is not bad, but that is not the result of good efficiency. This can be clearly seen from his EFG% 49.3% , And his BPM on the court is -2.6;Therefore, the so-called outbreak is not about a substantial increase in data.What I expect is that he can get the same data with better efficiency, in a shorter time, and find his own clear instructions and positioning

The Bulls have done a lot of tests on him in the first two seasons, especially as a point guard. If he is a main starting player, he does not have the vision of the main control. He has a good defensive attitude, but he has a lateral shift and an arm wing. The development is not long, the confrontation is not outstanding, and the experience is still lacking. Although the continuous scoring ability is good when the hand feels hot, and he is also threatening from outside, he is actually not a running or waiting ball Catch and Shoot (36.3% of non-dribble shots from the three-point line ) A particularly good shooter, although he is not afraid of body collisions, he does not get too much whistle.

Why do you think that after the bull is strengthened, he can break out?

Then why after talking about his shortcomings, and after the Bulls have reinforced the backcourt players such as Lonzo Ball, Demar Derozan, and Alex Caruso, and pushed White’s rotation order backward, they think he has a chance to break out?Because he can’t do what he’s not good at, someone helps him to share so that he can focus on what he is good at

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For the Bulls in the past two years, due to Otto Porter’s long-term injury and unsatisfactory conditions, the only player who can cut into the opportunity to create opportunities is Zach LaVine, and then it may be White. Therefore, when White and LaVine play separately, when the offense is deadlocked, except In addition to being in charge of the ball, you often need to rely on yourself to cut in and create opportunities.

On the defensive side, the Bulls have lacked players who are at least not lost on both offensive and defensive ends in the past two years. LaVine, Tomas Satoransky, Ryan Arcidiacono, Denzel Valentine are all on the defensive side and need to be screened. The assisting players, the backcourt players who are more effective on the defensive end, such as Kris Dunn and Shaq Harrison, have obvious deficiencies on offense.

But this season, when the Bulls gradually let the starters off the field, the current estimate should be in the course of the game, so that LaVine and Derosan, who have the ability to cut into singles and split the ball to create opportunities for teammates, will be separated, and Ball and Caruso will be separated. Players who have a reputation for defensiveness and can also assist offense in the backcourt should at least keep one player on the court.

In this configuration,On the court, White will not be the person who is most directly under pressure on both offensive and defensive ends. On the offensive end, there will be All-Star players who have the ability to both singles and split the ball. The main focus is on the opponent’s defense, and the backcourt is defensive. Someone can help him deal with the most troublesome opponent, but at the same time, he will not turn into his own side on the offensive side to play 4 on 5 Even if the playing time and the order of the ball will be reduced, there is an environment that allows him to fully diligently follow the explosive power of scoring while his relative weakness is protected.

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