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Breakthrough cancer drugs that can attack all tumors are rapidly monitored by the NHS

eEarlier detection and treatment of cancer is a key component of the long-term health care plan.

Stevens is expected to report to the NHS Confederation conference, "This exciting new breakthrough in cancer therapy is the latest example of how the NHS can lead the way in the new era of personalized cancer care.

"The benefit for patients, especially children, of being able to treat many different cancers with a drug is potentially enormous, helping them live longer and healthier lives."

Following on from last year's decision to make England the first country in Europe to fund another landmark treatment, Car-T, which programs the body to attack villains for children.

Today, Mr. Stevens will say that children should also be among the first to benefit from the new generation of drugs targeted against tumors with genetic variation that speeds up growth.

In such treatments, testing the genes or other molecular features of the tumor helps determine which treatment is best, no matter where the cancer is.

These advances are made possible by last year's National NHS Service for Genomic Medicine and Testing, which allows patients to see who can benefit from access to targeted treatment when other options are often unavailable.

The genetic defect – known as neurotrophic tyrosine receptor kinase or NTRK – is most common in rare cancers, such as salivary tumors and infantile fibrosarcoma, but is also present in small numbers of common cancers.

Two drugs – Larotrectinib from Bayer and Entrectinib from Roche – are expected to be the first drugs to be approved later this year.


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