“Breast Cancer Isn’t Pink! Pop Pink!”

Saioa Pérez and 8 other women affected by breast cancer participate in the video

“The breast cancer It’s not pink! It bursts pink! exclaman in unison 9 womenaffected by breast cancer. they do in a video – published in format reel in la red social Instagram – in which claim what, behind the pink bow, underlie many issues no are usually taken into consideration. Among these, the uncertainty that generates this disease in women who suffer from it, the institutional abandonment the infertility or the consequences it has on the economy of those affected.

One of the protagonists of this content, the but Session Perez, Explain what the objective of this campaign is erase social stigmas for generate a change on the perspective that many people have about this condition. Y, above all, to demand that “more be invested” in the research to improve the prognosis of people who suffer from it. “3 of the patients have metastases,” She underlines referring to her companions.