Breeders: All information and start date for Season 3 on Sky / WOW – Martin Freeman is back

Breeders is coming back for a third season, which is to be expected after the cliffhanger at the end of season 2. Ally (Daisy Haggard) and Paul (Martin Freeman) fight their way through the next chapter of modern parenting in the third season of the comedy series “Breeders”: The successful Sky Original series will be continued with ten episodes and will be on Tuesdays from August 16, 2022 9.05 p.m. in double episodes on Sky Comedy and available on demand via the WOW streaming service and on Sky Q. Seasons 1 & 2 have now landed on Disney+ – as this Sky Original is produced by Disney broadcaster FX and the license for the series was probably granted before the start of Disney+. As in previous seasons, Martin Freeman, Simon Blackwell and Chris Addison will serve as writers and creators, as well as executive producers, on the comedic series about modern parenting. Newly cast in a recurring guest role is Sally Phillips (“Bridget Jones,” “Miranda”).

“Breeders” Season 3 – that’s what it’s all about

Season three picks up where season two ended (season review here) – days after teenager Luke (Alex Eastwood) hit his father Paul, the Worsley family is trying to come to terms with what happened. But how are father and son supposed to get along again and continue to live together? The solution: someone has to move out. Paul then moves in with his mother-in-law Leah (Stella Gonnet) and feels surprisingly comfortable there. Instead of being lonely and missing his family, he discovers a certain charm in the unfamiliar life situation. This is of course not conducive to the tense situation in the family, especially since Ally already has enough problems on her mind. Work is getting to her, as is early menopause and daughter Ava (Eve Prenelle). She is no longer the cute little girl, but is slowly but surely turning into a teenager. The relationship between mother and daughter becomes increasingly strained.

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