Breeding. The Norman becomes the star of Camembert


In 2021, all breeders settled in Normandy will be able to deliver milk for the appellation camembert. The Norman breed will become very popular again.
“If there is a” carrot “at the end, I am ready to produce Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) milk. ” Régis Nicolas and his wife Nadine are just waiting for a gesture from their cooperative, Agrial, to whom they deliver 410,000 liters of milk a year. Their farm located in Vassy, ​​in the grove of Vire (Calvados), is not in the collection area Camembert Normandy (AOP). But by 2021, it will be part of it, like all Norman farms, thanks to the relaxation granted on February 21st by the National Institute of Origin and Quality (Inao). Ten times more milk for AOP Camembert No less than 2,000 new producers are expected within the appellation, against 513 currently. They will bring an additional 910 million liters. Ten times more than the production of the current appellation. The new specifications impose on all 30% minimum of Normandy milk (against 50% in the current name, but no obligation in the non-appellation Camembert). Normandy, it is this beautiful cow which adorns some boxes of camembert: majestic, with a dress quail, blonde and brindle (black hairs in the red fawn) and almost always spots on the eyes (“glasses”). As a result, 25,000 of them are expected to arrive in Normandy herds. Still, we have to find them. “We encourage our farmers to produce additional heifers as quickly as possible,” says Alban Marie, technician at Evolution, the French leader in bovine genetics. For example, we use “sexed” semen that guarantees to get only females. ” We are also trying to lower the calving age from 34 months to 28 months. ” The primholstein, she can give birth at 24 months. Rush on Norman cows “We have to start inseminating today the cows that will produce milk in 2021, confirms Albéric Valais, director of the Normandy Selection Organization (OS). If the processors do not announce quickly the amount of the surplus value AOP – we speak of 20 to 49 € per ton – ” Breeders for wait until the last moment, with the risk of a rush on this race “. A rich milk, a good meat It is thus the return to grace for the typical cow of the Norman soil, reduced to the supporting role (30% of the milkmaids in Normandy) behind the more productive prim’holstein (1 500 liters more per year). However, thanks to its milk richer in protein (for cheese) and fat (for butter and cream), and its meat appreciated, Norman is already a good choice.

Among the Nicolas, the ton of milk of their fifty-five Norman was paid from 350 to 390 € last year, 30 to 60 € more than for holsteins. And without premium AOP. “Many herds of Normandy are already ready to move into the AOP designation. ” Just forget the soy (GMO) in the ration of cows and put in the grass six months of the year.


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