Bremen “crime scene” without Dar Salim: Will investigator Mads Andersen return?

Source: imago/Stefan Schmidbauer

Jasna Fritzi Bauer and Luise Wolfram investigate the latest “Bremen” crime scene without their actual partner Dar Salim. Why wasn’t the Dane in “Love Wut”? And will his role Mads Andersen return?

The new “Tatort” team from Bremen has been in action since May 2021. But the third film since the restart is missing the male part alongside Liv Moormann (Jasna Fritzi Bauer, 33) and Linda Selb (Luise Wolfram, 34): The Danish actor Dar Salim (44), who has played the investigator Mads twice so far Andersen mimed was not to be seen in “Love Wut”. In the film, his abstinence is explained with a short subordinate clause: The policeman has to clarify a case in his home country of Denmark. Why wasn’t Salim there? And will he be back soon?

According to the portal “Buten un Binnen” of the responsible state broadcaster Radio Bremen, Salim will be part of the party again. According to official sources, he cannot be involved in every film because he is involved in “many international projects”. In a report on the start of shooting of the film, initially titled “The End of Confidence”, in October 2021, the site already reported that these absences had been planned for by the cast. Some stories – including the latest installment – would be “stronger with fewer investigators.”

Dar Salim is critical of the “crime scene” in an interview

But Dar Salim doesn’t seem to have been 100 percent satisfied with his first “crime scene” missions. In an interview with the news agency spot on news in December 2021, the actor said that there was still a lot of room for development in Bremen. Then Salim became clear: “As far as ‘Tatort’ goes, it needs more long-term planning from the production side in terms of developing the stories and my character in order to continue to be there.”

Nevertheless, he is proud to be a Bremen “crime scene” commissioner: “No matter how long or short the trip will be.” It is therefore clear: Mads Andersen will continue to support the investigators Moormann and Selb. Whether it will be a commitment for a very long time is still a little in the stars.