Bremen: knife attack in the hairdressing salon: man is seriously injured

Bremen – A 33-year-old employee was seriously injured in a knife attack in a hairdressing salon in downtown Bremen. The man was taken to a hospital, police said on Sunday. She arrested a 38-year-old suspect. The man initially sat in the waiting area of ​​the store on Saturday. Because he behaved conspicuously and apparently consumed drugs, the later victim asked him to leave the store. The man initially complied with the request, but a short time later he tried to get back into the hairdressing business.

The employee kept the door closed, but the 38-year-old pushed it open and stabbed the man with a knife. The attacker then fled. The police arrested him a short time later. They found the knife on him. When he was arrested, the man resisted, insulted and spat on the emergency services. Police are investigating an attempted homicide.