Bremen: Man goes to the fair with a knife on the family


12. April 2022 – 14:48 watch

A trip to the Easter fair, which was actually fun, turned into a tragic accident for a family from Bremen on Monday. After getting into a fight with another family on a bumper car, the 35-year-old uncle was stabbed. He came to the hospital.

Girls rammed man’s bumper cars

But what happened? As reported by the Bremen police on Tuesday, the focus of the momentous argument was the bumper car on the “Osterwiese” in the center of Bremen. A 51-year-old father was driving around there with his daughter when a car with two girls (6 and 10) suddenly rammed them.

Actually nothing unusual in the bumper car, but the father insisted on correcting the two children immediately. But he reckoned without the girls’ fathers and uncles. “It then escalated, the situation escalated,” says police spokesman Nils Matthiesen, describing what followed: a physical altercation.

Family against family: Uncle ends up in the hospital after a knife attack

A 35-year-old was attacked with a knife at the “Osterwiese” fair in Bremen city on Monday.

© picture alliance / dpa | Ingo Wagner

The accident took its course: During the scuffle, the 51-year-old is said to have suddenly pulled out a knife and threatened his opponent, the 35-year-old uncle, with it. He defended himself without further ado with his belt, but according to the police, he was unable to avert the knife attack. He was injured in the upper body. The injured 35-year-old ended up in the hospital after the knife attack. But there was no danger to life.

Violating the gun ban

The alleged attacker then tried to escape, but was arrested a little later. The police in Bremen are now investigating dangerous bodily harm and are urgently looking for witnesses to the crime. “The bumper car is very popular, there was a lot going on. We already have a few witnesses,” explains Nils Matthiesen in an interview with RTL. Nevertheless, anyone who has noticed the situation should certainly report.

There is actually a strict ban on weapons on the Osterwiese, but according to Matthiesen the police have already noticed some violations since the start last Friday. “This is consistently punished, weapons have no place at a folk festival,” said the police spokesman for RTL.