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May 2022 19:00

Guided tour of “Bremen speaks” in Low German

In medieval Bremen, Low German was the official and everyday language. The Hanse merchants in turn made it the lingua franca of the Baltic Sea region. By the 19th century at the latest, however, Low German was increasingly being pushed out of everyday life in many regions of northern Germany by High German. At the end of the 20th century, the language was under serious threat due to the sharp decline in the number of speakers. Only in the last few years has Platt been heard and seen more frequently again.

Today, Low German is one of many languages ​​spoken in Bremen.
In the Low German-speaking tour, the current multilingualism of Bremen is highlighted with a special focus on the regional language Low German.

The guided tour is free.
Start of the tour at 7 p.m.
Start and meeting point street sign “Bohnenstraße” in the ticket office area