Bremen: woman dead – husband in court

After last summer a mother of two died tragically in Bremen, her husband now has to answer in court. The public prosecutor accuses him of manslaughter. The young woman had been sitting on the hood of his car and had fallen from the moving car.

After an argument, she tried to stop her husband from driving away, the prosecutor said. But the man accelerated and drove about 50 meters “at high speed” until the woman slipped off the hood and hit her head.

After marriage dispute: Young woman falls from a moving car

The 38-year-old accused had “approvingly accepted” her death. The 28-year-old suffered severe skull and brain injuries in the fall on July 21 last year. She died in hospital on August 5 as a result of the accident.

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“I never intended to kill my wife. We have two children together,” the defendant from Pakistan explained through his lawyer. “I just wanted out of the situation.” He confirmed that there had been an argument beforehand. It was about a smartphone that his wife wanted to use, but that belonged to him. He threw the phone out the window.

Defendant admits he just drove off

Then he wanted to leave. “It is correct that I drove the vehicle.” His wife held on to him and the car. “It was sitting on the side of the bonnet, so to speak.” However, the accused denied that he had shifted up and accelerated. The district court has scheduled dates for the trial until mid-February. (dpa/ab)