Bremen’s Greens want to take on debt for climate protection

New debt for climate protection: According to the Bremen Greens, this should be possible despite the debt brake for the smallest federal state. At their state party conference, arms deliveries to Ukraine were also discussed.

Dhe state of Bremen should, according to the will of the Greens state association, take out loans despite the debt brake in order to become climate-neutral by 2038. The “green zero of climate neutrality” must be more important than the “black zero of budgetary policy”, according to a motion that was approved by a majority at the state party conference of the Greens on Saturday.

The Greens refer to a report for the Enquete Commission “Climate Protection” of the Bremen Parliament, according to which the climate crisis represents an exceptional emergency situation. Similar to the corona pandemic, loans for investments in climate protection could be taken out despite the debt brake, said Philipp Bruck, climate policy spokesman for the parliamentary group.

Achieving the climate goals is a question of intergenerational justice. “If we continue as before, the livelihood of future generations will be destroyed,” said state board spokesman Florian Pfeffer.

The Greens also accepted a motion that envisages realigning education policy in the smallest federal state. “We have to respond more to the needs of the children,” said state board spokeswoman Alexandra Werwath. Among other things, the Greens spoke out in favor of a compulsory last year of kindergarten for all children.

The Bremen Greens also backed the federal government on the issue of heavy weapons deliveries to Ukraine. Anyone who speaks of solidarity with Ukraine should not refuse this type of military aid: “It’s about bringing the war in Ukraine to an end,” said Pfeffer.

The Greens also called on the federal government to reconsider a possible European gas embargo on Russia.