Bremer Grün-Gold-Club after Corona cases without a B-Team at the start

On Saturday evening the second Bundesliga tournament of the season will be danced in Bremerhaven, but without the B-Late information of the Bremer GGC. However, the A-Team is there.

There will be dancing in the Stadthalle Bremerhaven on Saturday evening from 7:30 p.m., which is good news for the dance sport community in these difficult times. However, no spectators are allowed to be there and there are only six Latin players in the Bundesliga tournament.

Actually, nine formations would have been at the start this season, but Velbert had withdrawn his team and now Bochum will probably do the same. So there were still seven teams dancing for victory in the Bundesliga, but the Bremen Green Gold Club had to cancel its B team for Saturday – two members of the formation are infected with Corona.

B team can’t get 6 pairs together

Coach Angelo Adler does not have enough dancers to provide six couples, which is why the Bremen B formation is not taking part in the second of five planned Bundesliga tournaments. Because nobody from the A-Team is allowed to help out or step in, the members of the formations are registered for their formation for the season. And not dancing the rehearsed choreography at such short notice is also not feasible.

However, the A-Team of the Green-Gold-Club coached by Roberto Albanese will play in Bremerhaven and have been spared infections for the time being. And so the reigning world champion is also the big favorite at the second Bundesliga tournament.

Tournament schedule not yet clear

How the exact course of the tournament will be this time is not yet clear. Since there are only six formations at the start, the usual procedure with a small and a large final – i.e. two danced rounds for all teams – would actually be superfluous.

However, it is conceivable that two passes will be danced to give the Latin information more opportunities to present itself. Because it was actually planned to have the tournament of the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga take place at the same time. But since only 250 people are allowed to be in the Stadthalle Bremerhaven at the same time, only the 1st Bundesliga is danced on Saturday evening, the 2nd Bundesliga at noon.

Image: DPA | Hauke ​​Christian Dittrich

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