Bremer SV vs FC Teutonia 05 Ottensen: NFV Ruling Leads to Relegation of Werder Bremen’s U23s

Status: 05/30/2023 11:25 a.m

The sports court of the North German Football Association (NFV) has rated the canceled Regionalliga Nord game between Bremer SV and FC Teutonia 05 Ottensen against the club from Hamburg. Werder Bremen’s U23s have been relegated as a result.

As the NFV announced on Monday evening, the game that was canceled last Saturday was scored 0:5 against Ottensen and with three points and 5:0 for BSV. Shortly before half-time, the guests had left the pitch at the Stadion am Panzenberg with their own 2-1 lead and refused to continue playing. Ottensen’s accusation that an actor from Bremer SV had insulted Teutonia captain Marcus Coffie in a racist way could not be finally clarified after analyzing the special report by referee Jannik Weinkauf, the statements of both clubs and viewing video material, it said.

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BSV defends itself against allegations

The Bremer SV had already defended itself against the allegations made by Ottensen in a statement before the decision of the NFV. “In an open conversation with the player, we had the opportunity to hear his point of view. He credibly assured us that he had not racially insulted anyone. In addition, we involved the parts of the team to have a full discussion about the crucial scene There, too, we were assured by the players who were directly involved in the scene that no racist statement was made,” it said.

Teutonia: “Slap in the face”

Ottenser called the NFV decision a “slap in the face” and said it was the “latest element of actively looking the other way, the latest element of a decision that tolerates racism in sport and thus in society”. Coffie took a stand on Instagram: “It’s an indictment when people accuse me of lying or claiming I misheard.” The 28-year-old “understands the importance of that game, but there are more important things in life, and that’s life itself.”

Bremer SV now in relegation, Werder youth relegated

In its last game of the season, BSV was doomed to win in order to avoid direct relegation. Thanks to the NFV ranking, the promoted team climbs to 14th place and is now fighting in two relegation games against USI Lupo Martini Wolfsburg, second in the Oberliga, to stay in the league. The Bundesliga juniors from Werder Bremen, on the other hand, slipped to 15th place and are only fifth in the new series. The BSV Stadrivale lost 3-2 at Phönix Lübeck on Saturday.

“Relegation at the green table is of course very disappointing,” explained Werder Bremen’s managing director Frank Baumann. “However, we cannot be satisfied with our performance during the season. We will approach the situation in the Bremenliga with all due respect.”

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