Bremerin hit by car in Neustadt: process starts today

  • Start of the process at the Bremen district court
  • The accident occurred in July 2020 in Bremen-Neustadt
  • The woman suffered life-threatening injuries and is still unable to work today
According to the Bremen district court, the accused driver is said to have hit the victim at a speed of 38 to 48 km/h and seriously injured him.

Image: Imago | Thank you

After a serious traffic accident in July 2020 in Bremen-Neustadt, the trial against the accused driver at the Bremen district court begins today. He is accused of negligent bodily harm. According to the court, the accused, who was 37 at the time of the accident, was traveling at significantly excessive speed on Pappelstraße when another vehicle turned into the street. In order to avoid a collision, the accused dodged onto the sidewalk and hit a 28-year-old woman.

A silver car stands with its hood in a broken shop window
The accused driver only stopped in front of this bank branch and suffered a shock.

Image: non-stop

The victim was thrown onto the street and suffered life-threatening injuries. The accused only came to a stop in his car when the car crashed into the facade of a bank branch on the other side of the street.

Poplar Street was temporarily closed in both directions. According to the court, the victim suffered a severe craniocerebral trauma with several skull fractures and is still unable to work due to the accident.

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