Brendan Fraser: I saw what was written about me on social media, it hurt when they made fun of me

According to him, many of the Internet users don’t even think about the fact that somewhere real, sensitive people are reading their lines.

It was released in cinemas Brendan Fraser new, The Whale film – in connection with the debut of the psychology drama, conducted an interview with the main character and the actress who played her daughter Sadie Sinkkel.

In the interview, among other things, Fraser was asked if he found any similarities between himself and the character Charlie he plays, and the actor said that he can feel what it’s like to be mocked, as well as the psychological wounds it can cause. .

I have eyes too, I saw what was written about me in newspapers and social media at one point in my life, and because I have feelings, I couldn’t just shake them off. It hurt when they made fun of me. Many people on social media don’t even consider that when they write something, there are real people on the other side reading it with real feelings, and words can really hurt

he explained.

The 8-10 obese people I talked to during my preparation lived in similar bodies, yet their fates and lives were quite different, but I found a common point in them: they were abused very badly because of their bodies when they were young, mostly men, most often their own father. This then left a mark on them for a lifetime

he added.