Brereton and admiration for Alexis Sánchez: “I saw him play for Arsenal and United”

Ben Brereton was the ideal replacement for Alexis Sánchez in the Copa América. After the injury of ‘Niño Maravilla’, it was the English-Chilean who took his place in the starting team and responded with goal and assistance. On this occasion, ‘Big Ben’ had words for both him and Arturo Vidal.

The Blackburn forward revealed his admiration for Sánchez, whom he saw play during his time in England. “When I was younger I watched Alexis Sánchez play for Arsenal and United on television, and now having the experience of training and playing with him is brilliant. They are super professionals, they do everything well. You also see the great passion that they put, it is a privilege to share with them “Brereton commented in conversation with Radio ADN.

In addition, the attacker referred to the possibility of sharing the field with players like Vidal, Bravo, and facing Neymar and Messi. “It was crazy to play with brilliant players, the Chilean legends, and it was also crazy to play with players of the stature of Messi or Neymar. For me it was a great experience that I will never forget “Ben Brereton noted.

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