archyworldys – Too Many Bones

Written by Daniel Krause on 24. May 2022.

Frosted Games has on 23.5. on Twitter announced the German implementation of “Too Many Bones” to realize. The announcement was made in a very funny way, a screenshot follows below. When the game will appear is currently still open. Here is our review of the game.

too many bones 02

This is what the game offers

Too Many Bones plunges into a new genre: the dice role-playing game. This game turns everything you thought you knew about rolling dice on its head. In this strategy-driven fantasy RPG, you slip into the shoes of a new race and embark on an adventure in the Northern Territories to track down and defeat the growing enemy forces and of course the infamous “Villain”.

You can team up with other players or play alone in a 1-4 player co-op or solo campaign.

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With over 100+ unique skill dice and 4-7 classes to choose from, each battle is its own little challenge to master. Your adventure consists of 8-12 battles before you reach your ultimate goal and face off against one of several possible king pairs to win. Along the way, you’ll be faced with decisions that will require you to balance risk, reward, and logic – and the dice play an important role in that! Your party will also be faced with other choices: when to rest, when to explore, or even what battles to pursue! The encounter cards offer fun twists in the plot and add some comedy while also setting the stage for your next fight.

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