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Written by Philipp Misoch on 21. August 2022.

On the Ares Games website and at FantasyWelt „War of the Ring – The Card Game“ already pre-order. It is expected to be in November 2022 appear. One of the game’s authors had already announced in June that the new version was already on the SPIEL ’22 in Essen should be available or at least playable in October. Nothing is known about a German translation.

In them card game by author Ian Brody (Quartermaster General). 2-4 people in two teams control of the Free Peoples or the Shadow Army. In doing so, they create their own version of the dramatic conflict over Middle-earth. The illustrations are by Antonio de Luca (Hydroelectric Power) and Jon Hodgson (The Battle of Five Armies), among others, and the playing time should be approx 90-120 minutes be.

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That’s what the game is about

During the game, players take turns playing cards representing the characters, armies, items, and events of the War of the Ring. Every card they play helps or hinders the community’s journey along the way; or used to defend or conquer the strongholds of Middle-earth as they fight to control the new battlefield cards that activate each turn.

With more than 100 original illustrations from the world’s greatest Tolkien artists, including an amazing gallery of Landscapes from the Shire to Mordor by John and Fataneh Howe, War of the Ring: The Card Game is also a memorable collection for all lovers of JRR Tolkien’s envisioned world.

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