Brexit: 48 hours to settle the question Irish

Brexit: 48 hours to settle the question

The European chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, gives until Friday to the United Kingdom to reach an agreement. Otherwise, the EU fears the fall of Theresa May’s government. Three days after the fiasco of the meeting between Theresa May and Jean-Claude Juncker, supposed to put an end to the first phase of the discussions on Brexit, the clock continues to turn. Michel Barnier, the chief negotiator on the European side, warned the Member States and the British government that there was only 48 hours left to reach an agreement, reports The Guardian Thursday, December 7th. For its part, the European Commission, through its spokesperson Margaritis Schinas, assured late Thursday morning that the deadline could be extended until Sunday but “No negotiation” would not take place next week. The stumbling block remains the Irish border. Theresa May still has to negotiate with her North Irish allies DUP , angry to discover Monday that the text of the agreement provided for a continuous “regulatory alignment” between Ulster and the Republic of Ireland, once the United Kingdom out of the single market. Then he will have to come up with a viable solution to secure the future of this “invisible border” to his Irish counterpart Leo Varadkar. “If the United Kingdom and the European Commission do not reach a common position by Friday, the Member States have already informed Michel Barnier that they would not have time to submit a proposal to their government. before the big meeting of the European Council, next week ” , writes the classified daily on the left. If so, leaders should again declare that progress is insufficient on the issues of citizens’ rights, the Financial Regulation and the Irish border, to begin to address the subject of trade and launch the transition period. ” MPs pro “hard Brexit” challenge May at Westminster In Brussels, this context of growing uncertainties is purely and simply fearing the fall of the government of Theresa May, says The Daily Telegraph . These concerns, expressed by the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, intervene “Conservative MPs warned Theresa May that she could lose her place ‘In a few weeks’ if it could not convince Brussels to immediately begin the trade negotiations ” . Especially since the British Prime Minister was the target of coordinated attacks from conservative pro “hard Brexit”, on Wednesday, during questions to the government. One of them, Jacob Rees-Mogg, in a good position to replace her in case of resignation, told the Prime Minister paint a layer of paint over his red lines ” . According to these deputies, Theresa May leads the country to a “soft Brexit” by giving too many concessions to Europeans on the issue of the bill of divorce, the rights of citizens and the Irish border. Sasha Mitchell

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