The Italian Minister has suggested that the Member State will use its central role in the European Union to ensure that Britain ensures a Brexit trade agreement.

Mr Picchi insists that Italy intends to safeguard its historical trade relations with the United Kingdom and assured Theresa May in the final stages of negotiations with Brussels.

The Italian Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs told "Traditionally, trade between Italy and the UK has been strong, with much higher rates than any other part of the world, not just with Italy but with the entire EU bloc.

"We believe that the Brexit deal should be protected on both sides of the Channel, so we as a country will politically press our chief negotiator Michel Barnier to find the best possible solution in the interests of both countries."

However, Mr Picchi insisted that a transitional period would be needed to ensure that European companies could smoothly adapt to new trade measures between Great Britain and Great Britain.

He added, "We believe anyway that there should be a transitional period of two years for us to have a smooth transition.

"There is trade with the EU and Brexitians, and the British people must realize that it is in the interests of British prosperity to reach an agreement."

The Lega member reiterated the promise made by the party leader and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who warned Brussels in September that Italy was "on the British side" during the negotiations.

Mr Salvini suggested that Barnier "not negotiate with the United Kingdom" but tried to punish the British for leaving the union.

He told the BBC: "On more than one occasion in the past – do not forget the European Constitution, when citizens vote against the Brussels wishes and they put the citizens to the polls again until they get what they want.

"In Brussels, there is usually a punishment attempt. They do not negotiate, they want to punish a government and a people that voted against their exceptions.

"So when you sit at the negotiating table, you have to start with political benevolence. If you start thinking about punishing or attacking, you will not be a good negotiator. "

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The Eurosceptic head of state also promised to encourage France and Germany to be more flexible and make real concessions to the United Kingdom.

He continued, "I think the people's mandate must be obeyed, we must have good relationships and nobody should be punished.

"The Italian Government is on the side of the British Government in our mutual interest."

Claiming Documents Ms May will hold a referendum on 19 November, which sets out public support plans for a Brexit agreement.

The public disclosure strategy also includes daily government announcements and an interview between former May May and BBC television broadcaster David Dimbleby.

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