Brexit: British MPs vote overwhelmingly against second referendum


UK MPs overwhelmingly rejected Thursday an amendment calling for a postponement of Brexit likely to allow a second referendum on the exit of the European Union. 334 deputies voted against this amendment, and 85 for, nearly three years after the June 2016 referendum that had decided on Brexit, and 15 days from its theoretical date due March 29, while Parliament and the country are deeply divided on how to implement the EU exit.

The amendment was tabled by the Independent Group – which includes elected representatives of the Labor Party and the Conservative Party – and advocated an extension of the two-year period provided for in Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. the EU, so beyond 29 March, to organize this new consultation.

The rejection of the text is explained both by a broad refusal conservatives, and by the abstention of many Labor MPs, the main British opposition party called Thursday its deputies not to support it.



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