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Brexit: Crisis meeting at her country estate: Theresa May consults with "colleagues" – rumors of coups

A demo against Brexit in London seems to have become "one of Britain's biggest protest marches." Cabinet members meanwhile plan to replace Mays. All Brexit news in the ticker.

  • Brexit chaos in London: Prime Minister Theresa May is increasingly under attack.
  • On April 12, the extended grace period for the UK expires.
  • The UK originally wanted to leave the European Union next Friday (29 March), but the deadline can not be maintained.
  • On Saturday, hundreds of thousands will demonstrate in London for a second Brexit referendum.

19.08 clock: In the run-up to the potentially decisive Brexit week, Prime Minister Theresa May discussed the next steps with her party colleagues in a crisis meeting on Sunday. The head of state, under extreme pressure, met with "her colleague" at Checker's country estate, a government spokesman confirmed.

Present at the meeting were, according to British media reports, among others, the Brexit hardliners Boris Johnson, formerly Foreign Minister, and Jacob Rees-Mogg, who advocates a Brexit without an agreement with the European Union.

For Monday May wants to call her cabinet. According to information from the "Sunday Times" and the "Mail on Sunday", several ministers want May to resign at this meeting. Possible successors are Vice-Premier David Lidington and Environment Minister Michael Gove.

16:05: Already more than five million people have signed an online petition for the UK to stay in the EU by Saturday. No other petition on Parliament's website has ever received so much popularity, the British news agency PA reported Sunday. In recent days, the website was temporarily paralyzed because of the onslaught.

Parliament must consider the content of each petition with more than 100 000 signatories for debate. All British citizens – including those living abroad – and residents in the UK are allowed to sign such online petitions. Because of Brexit chaos: Anne Will is out today

A BBC video shows the extent of the protest march through London.

Update from March 24, 2019, 2:15 pm: British Vice Prime Minister David Lidington claims to have no interest in the office of his boss Theresa May. He does not believe he wants to take over her post. "She is doing a fantastic job," said Lidington, who is said to be acting as an interim prime minister, to journalists on Sunday. He admires May, how she handles her tasks.

EU-friendly finance minister Philip Hammond also backed May. A change to the post of prime minister would not help, Hammond told the news channel Sky news, He could understand, however, that the deputies were very frustrated.

12:50: British Prime Minister Theresa May is under increasing pressure in the face of Brexit chaos. She could soon be forced to resign from her cabinet, as British media reported on Sunday. Accordingly, the head of government is facing a fateful week. A government spokeswoman said Sunday "speculation."

The "Times" There are concerns that EU-friendly Vice-Premier David Lidington may step in as interim head of government. He should therefore explore a new course for the EU exit and make room in the fall for a permanent Prime Minister. The newspaper cited eleven unnamed government officials who want to overthrow May.

Lidington has been Mays Cabinet Chief since January 2018. Previously, he was Minister of Justice and Secretary of State at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He acted inconspicuously and was loyal to May. According to British media, he is nicknamed "Mr Europe" because of his stance on Brexit; he was considered a "man without enemies in the lower house". The 62-year-old father of four children is very religious. He studied history at the prestigious Cambridge University.

The "Daily Mail" according to the well-networked Environment Minister Michael Gove has thrown his hat as successor to May in the ring. After the Brexit referendum in 2016, he initially supported Boris Johnson in his candidacy for the post of prime minister. At the last moment, the Brexit supporter decided to run for office – it had not worked out then. The former journalist is considered ambitious. He was Minister of Justice, among other things.

09.16 clock: According to press reports, the pressure on Prime Minister Theresa May in the UK government is growing over the Brexit exchange because of the stalled dispute. The Sunday Times newspaper reported that May was "at the mercy of a full-fledged cabinet coup." There are plans to use her deputy David Lidington as interim head of government. Eleven ministers have "confirmed that they want the prime minister to make room for someone else." May should be confronted with this on Monday in the Cabinet meeting.

The newspaper "Mail on Sunday " reported that May could be replaced "within days". Her office could be transitionally taken over by Environment Minister Michael Gove, a prominent Brexit advocate.

News of March 23: Brexit: Gigantic protest in London – May "no longer tenable"?

21.40 clock: The British capital in blue-yellow: More than one million people have demonstrated to organizers on Saturday in London against the Brexit. Organizers "People's Vote" are calling for a referendum allowing citizens to vote on the final Brexit deal. During the march many participants had blue-and-yellow European flags in good weather and were also dressed in these colors. Others wore British flags.

The organizers talked about one of the biggest protest marches in Britain's history, all expectations were exceeded. The police gave no estimates. The participants came from all parts of the country, even from remote islands. A camera flight of ZDF shows the dimensions of the train.

The protest march, which included many families, ended in parliament. "I'm seven years old and demonstrate for my future," said a child's protest sign. Other posters spoke a clearer language, such as: "This whole Brexit shit show has to stop!"

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Theresa May could continue to come under pressure. Many MPs are calling for their resignation, according to the British media – they are no longer tenable in the Brexit chaos. British media speak of a pending fate week for the British head of government.

Meanwhile, a small protest move from Brexit supporters moved toward London. The former leader of the EU-hostile Ukip party, Nigel Farage, also participated in part. Overall, the Brexit advocates wanted to march through England for about two weeks.

Big demo for second Brexit referendum running – Theresa May seems to buckle in front of the lower house

3:15 pm: In London, a big demonstration for a second Brexit referendum began on Saturday. Opponents of Britain's exit from the European Union gathered at noon at Hyde Park in the British capital. Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators from all over the country are expected to take part in a huge protest march to the government district in Westminster. Observers anticipate one of the biggest demonstrations in London for years.

The big demo of the campaign "People's Vote" started on Saturday in London.

© dpa / Yui Mok

The organizers of the campaign "People's Vote" (referendum) want to reach with a second referendum that the EU's exit from the UK is still prevented. A similar demonstration in October had involved more than half a million people.

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon, London's Mayor Sadiq Khan and Labor Deputy Chief Tom Watson want to speak in front of the protesters at the closing rally in front of Parliament.

Turning point in Brexit chaos: Prime Minister Theresa May seems to buckle in front of the lower house

1:20 pm: British Prime Minister Theresa May may not let the House of Commons vote for the third time on her Brexit deal negotiated with Brussels. In two previous polls, the head of government had crashed with the deal. A third attempt was planned for the coming week. A government spokeswoman confirmed on Saturday in London the German press agency that May have sent a letter with this content the previous evening to the deputies.

The picture of the state of the nation: Theresa May at the EU summit in Brussels.

© dpa / Frank Augstein

In the letter, May increases the pressure on the parliamentarians: She would only submit the deal to the vote again, if sufficient support emerges. Otherwise, Britain would have to ask Brussels for another respite, which would also mean participation in the European elections.

Previously, the Northern Irish party DUP, on whose votes Mays minority government has been relegated for a botched election, indicated that it would continue to support the agreement.

Petition: Four million Britons are already calling for remaining in the EU

13 o'clock: Already more than four million people have signed an online petition for the UK to stay in the EU by Saturday. At times, the website was paralyzed because of the onslaught. Parliament must consider the content of each petition with more than 100 000 signatories for debate. Prime Minister Theresa May had just rejected a Brexit exit at the recent EU summit in Brussels.

"National Plight": "Times" calls for a radical solution in the Brexit chaos

9.30 am: Prime Minister Theresa May should resign, says the Londoners The Times on Saturday. The newspaper comments: "At the end of a momentous week, a conclusion is inevitable. Not only has Theresa May no solution to the political crisis that has struck Britain, but she has also become an obstacle in finding a way out. She has lost control of her Cabinet, which has been at war for weeks. And she has lost control of the parliament, which has twice rejected its Brexit deal with the largest single lead in parliamentary history, and apparently will do so a third time. "

The newspaper speaks of a "national emergency". A resignation May could be a way out of it. The paper goes on to say: "What is needed now is a transitional prime minister, ideally with bipartisan backing that can channel the country through safer waters through these crucial weeks."

Large demonstration in London for second referendum in London

Update March 23, 6:21 pm: The organizers of an anti-Brexit mass demonstration are expecting hundreds of thousands of participants in London on Saturday. The People's Vote organization is campaigning for a second referendum to allow citizens to vote on the final Brexit deal. The protesters want to gather at Hyde Park around noon (around 1300 CET) and march to parliament together in the afternoon. Among other things, the organizers fear lower living standards and losses for the economy after the Brexit exit from the EU.

"I'm marching together with people from every corner of our country," London Mayor Sadiq Khan told Twitter in the short message service. He belongs to the opposition Labor Party. Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she was proud to be part of the protest.

The head of the CSU state group in the Bundestag, Alexander Dobrindt, meanwhile, said he continues to strive for close cooperation with London. Our goal remains a partnership Doppelplus – as close as never before. My message to the British is: Our door is always open for you, "he told the" Passauer Neue Presse "(Saturday).

These were the Brexit news from Friday

10:30 pm: On April 12, the extended grace period for Theresa May expires. Until then, the prime minister must convince the members of the lower house of their Brexit deal. However, should May's proposal be rejected again, it may well break down the chaos.

Then there are two options left. For one thing, the UK could request a longer shift, possibly extending to the end of the year. As a result, Britain would take part in the European elections – that would be equivalent to a particularly embarrassing defeat of the Eurosceptics under Mays Tories. Possibility two would be the much-cited no-deal that all parties really want to prevent, but above all the EU friends in May's party. An unpleasant situation for the Prime Minister.

At the moment, however, the prime minister's chances are very bad, like huffingtonpost.de reported. With her anger speech on Wednesday evening she should have continued to lose credit. Some MEPs are already saying that the 62-year-old will be even more clearly rejected in a third vote. In the event of a repeated defeat in the lower house, May finally has the choice: either to take the hat off or to initiate a postponement of Brexit. The situation is still gloomy – and the prospects for the coming days promise nothing good.

London: Big anti-Brexit demo planned in London

17:14: The campaign "People's Vote" will be demonstrating with a big demonstration this Saturday in London for a second Brexit referendum. "We expect up to 700,000 participants," said a spokesman for the campaign, Barney Pell Scholes, on Friday the German Press Agency.

The protesters gather at 2 pm CET. Half an hour later, the protest should set in motion. The route leads right through the British capital to the parliament.

Many Britons are sick of the turmoil about leaving the EU. More than three million people signed an online petition to the House of Commons by Friday afternoon demanding that they stay in the European Union. At times, the website was not accessible because of the onslaught. However, Prime Minister Theresa May had clearly rejected a Brexit exit until the EU summit in Brussels.

However, the petition has not yet broken a record, the British news agency PA reported. A request for a second Brexit referendum had been signed by nearly 4.2 million people. A petition against a planned state visit by US President Donald Trump in London came to nearly two million supporters. All British citizens – including those living abroad – and residents in the UK are allowed to sign such online petitions.

Tusk still considers "everything possible" at Brexit

3.30 pm: The other Brexit developments are in the opinion of EU Council President Donald Tusk in the UK. "The fate of Brexit is in the hands of our British friends," Tusk said after the EU summit on Friday in Brussels. Everything is possible until the 11th of April. "We are prepared for the worst, but we hope for the best. As you know, hope dies last. "

Merkel puts pressure on May

3:15 pm: After the Brexit decisions of the EU summit, Chancellor Angela Merkel called for clarity from May and Co. The UK must make clear which way to go, said the CDU politician on Friday to conclude the Brussels talks. She praised that the 27 remaining EU states would continue to have a closed line. The EU had made a clear statement.

The picture of the state of the nation: Theresa May at the EU summit in Brussels.

© dpa / Frank Augstein

13.12 clock: For the German dairy farmers, an unregulated Brexit could have far worse consequences than Russia's import embargo on food from Western countries. If the export to Great Britain were to fail completely, the effect would be about three times greater than the effect of the Russia embargo, which has been in force since 2014, said Peter Stahl, chairman of the Dairy Industry Association, at the Berlin Dairy Forum of the German Farmers Association (DBV) on Friday. However, he does not expect a complete loss of milk, cheese or butter exports to the United Kingdom.

Brexit: "death blow" – Theresa May abgewatscht by the press – news ticker

1:00 pm: The negotiated deal between the EU and the UK provides for a postponement of the Brexit until at least April 12th. Should the British House of Commons agree to the Brexit agreement that has already been negotiated next week, the resignation will be regulated on 22 May. If that fails, Britain can make new proposals by April 12th.

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For the result of the negotiations, May receives no praise from the local press: "Now Brussels takes control" etched the British "Daily Mail" against the Prime Minister. This was "humiliated" and received only a two-week "Flextention" – and that after "hours of nerve-wracking negotiations."

May and Brexit: "She is only interested in one half of the country"

"The Guardian" sees it similarly: "May's request falls through, the EU takes control of the Brexit date" criticizes the paper and accuses the Prime Minister of ignoring millions of Brexit opponents: "Theresa May has sometimes said that she wants the nation one. But with her televised speech she has given the dream a death blow. She is only interested in one half of the country. For the other she has nothing left. It treats millions of people who disagree with Brexit and how they deal with it, as if they did not exist. She hears and does not see her. They are simply not there for them. "

Politically under pressure: Prime Minister Theresa May.


Brexit: "May was left waiting"

The Times writes of a "three-week lifeline" that May "received from the EU after almost seven hours of jingling". And the "Independent" notes that May is no longer the agent in Brexit Geschachere. "Theresa May was kept waiting while European leaders decided the future of Brexit behind closed doors."

All news about Brexit can be found in our live ticker: Brexit: Ministry of Defense prepares for no-deal in Bunker

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