Stand: 08:00 clock | Reading time: 3 minutes As a Brexit minister, David Davis was a fervent advocate of a clear break with Brussels. Photo: Wiktor Dabkowski / ZUMA Wire / Archive Source: dpa-infocom GmbH A few days ago, Prime Minister May announced unity in her quarrelsome Cabinet on the Brexit course. Now everything is in question. Will more Davis’s resignation follow? Even a fall of the Prime Minister does not seem impossible. L ONDON (AP) – British Brexit minister David Davis has resigned in the dispute over the government’s exit policy. The “new trend” of Brexit politics and tactics make it less likely that Britain will leave the single market and the Customs Union, Davis explained the step in his letter of resignation to Prime Minister Theresa May on the night of Monday. The head of government contradicted. She disagreed with his characterization of the new Brexit strategy, she replied. May had her cabinet on Friday for a twelve-hour marathon session on the country estate Checkers northwest of London ordered. The ministers even had their own during the retreat smartphones submit. In the evening May announced that the government had agreed on a new strategy for the EU exit. But the agreement came only under great pressure. The plan was considered by many Brexit hardliners as a departure from the EU exit. For May, Davis’s resignation is a big blow. She now has to reckon with further resistance from the Brexit wing of her party. About 60 MPs in their group will be counted. Foreign Minister Boris Johnson is said to have agreed to the plans very reluctantly. Two state secretaries in the Brexit Ministry are also said to have taken their hat off. If more members of the government resign, the May could bring serious distress. Even a fall of the Prime Minister seems no longer impossible. Davis is considered the ardent representative of a clear break with Brussels. He had threatened to resign in the past if May tied the country too closely to Brussels. For a long time he has been dissatisfied with his role in government. Davis had always been brief at the exit talks in Brussels and often seemed ill prepared. More and more, May took the wheel in the negotiations. His resignation plunges the government at the wrong time into a new crisis. Great Britain is leaving the European Union on 29 March 2019. Until then, an exit agreement must be signed, otherwise chaos threatens. Davis is the sixth minister May has lost since re-election last June. Defense Secretary Michael Fallon and Deputy Prime Minister Damian Green had abandoned their posts after harassment allegations. Development Minister Priti Patel resigned because she was working in the United States Israel holidays met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Interior Minister Amber Rudd had in the scandal of the illegal treatment of guest workers from the Caribbean cede as illegal immigrants. Only a resignation had not been triggered by a scandal: James Brokenshire had resigned as British Northern Ireland Minister due to illness. He returned to the Cabinet table as a Minister for Local Authorities.


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