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Brexit News: Threatening Scenario for May – "Civil War" Comparison

The European Union has decided: Theresa May and the British get a Brexit postponement. But the British are still divided. Opposition politicians call for May's early withdrawal.

  • Theresa May and the EU agreed on a Brexit postponement until 31 October at the special summit.
  • Donald Trump criticizes the EU for the negotiations.
  • The press reacts with scorn and incomprehension, feels even humbled.
  • "The Queen's Speech" is probably approaching: government coalition soon to the test.

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11:25: After the renewed extension of the Brexit period, the election campaign for the European elections begins in the United Kingdom. In addition, the London "Times" on Monday draws a gloomy scenario for May and her Tories:

"This may have far-reaching implications for both Brexit and the established political party system. The most serious consequences arise for the Conservative Party. It is probably certain that she will be punished for her inability to do Brexit on time. The party is practically already in a state of civil war. Theresa May has even lost the support of her cabinet colleagues, not to mention conservative MPs and voters. To refuse participation in the European elections is not an option for a ruling party. In doing so, contributing to the party will certainly cause considerable damage. Activists refuse to campaign, and EU voters are moving from the Tories to Ukip and Nigel Farage's new Brexit party. "

The London Sunday Times commented on the aftermath of the Brexit dispute over the state of conservatives: "The Tories' political offer has traditionally been a combination of sound economic policies – control of inflation, prudent use of public funds, low taxes, and promotion of Entrepreneurs – and social justice and respect for the individual. This is a natural attraction for young voters instead of the state high-tax alternative offered by (Labor leader Jeremy) Corbyn.

But when people think of the Tories today, they have a party in their sights that Brexit can not deliver, but keeps wallowing on it – at the expense of all the other issues. The Conservative Party must regain its positive message if it is not already too late. It could have doomed itself to failure by its inability to seal a deal (for leaving the EU). "

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May.


International voices, such as the liberal Slovak daily Sme, also discuss the prospects for the post-Brexit EU elections: "The fact that London has halted the preparations for a tough Brexit also means that the British Isles are focusing instead on the EU Prepare for election. And that again 73 British MPs will be sitting in Brussels and Strasbourg, which can fundamentally and fundamentally change the balance of power. And with it, the entire by-election reality of Europe. "

These were the Brexit News of April 14th

20.50 clock: Theresa May is currently trying to explore new solutions for the Brexit with the opposition in the lower house. But the efforts could not be successful – as long as the Prime Minister does not embark on an unpopular change to the planned exit: a customs union with the EU. That's what he wants Guardian from government-related sources.

May must "make a political decision to exceed their red lines – or not," said a newspaper informant. Tory negotiator David Lindington did not want to comment on whether his party would compromise on a customs union. They have a "common ground" in customs regulations, he explained.

Meanwhile, there are still voices calling for May's departure. Regardless of whether or not the Tory politician achieves her goal of a regular exit from the UK. "I know that the Prime Minister has already announced that she will leave. She said she would leave when the deal was ratified, which was then May, June. I think that data is still up to date, "said former Iain Duncan Smith (Tory's party chairman from 2001-2003) on Sky.

Brexit: Labor Sizes Call for New Referendum

Update from April 14, 15:15: According to media reports, leaders of the British Labor Party are urging party leader Jeremy Corbyn to speak out in favor of a new referendum on the UK's whereabouts in the EU. Otherwise, the party could lose an entire generation of young, pro-European voters, the newspaper "The Guardian" quoted European Parliament Labor Group leader Richard Corbett.

"If Labor does not reaffirm its support for a referendum on any Brexit deal, it will massively lose votes to parties that do have a clear message," said Corbett.

Former Secretary of State Margaret Becket said it was very important to send out a clear message about where Labor stands and what Labor offers. "In my opinion, this clear and simple message should be that there should be approval from the British people," she said.

Labor has so far kept open the option for a second Brexit referendum. According to the report, however, the party leadership disagrees whether the demand for it should be included in the European manifesto of the party.

News from April 13th Brexit: Queen's speech could be embarrassing for May – and have serious consequences

6:16 pm: Could the Queen soon make sure Prime Minister Theresa May gets really tight? Ironically, a really symbolic ceremony in which the monarch in the parliament has the floor, the head of government could be fatal. But one after anonther.

Queen: Will she make sure Prime Minister Theresa May gets really tight?

© dpa / Steve Parsons

If a session ends, it comes to "The Queen's Speech". That is the name of the speech that the Queen holds for the opening of the parliament. In this speech, the desired projects of their government are presented. However, due to the Brexit-chaos hardly anything is on the agenda. The reports now image, Brexit last employed all government departments. So it could be embarrassing for the British if the queen, with the crown, pomp and carriage, is ordered extra just to announce, "My government plans to deliver the Brexit." Since the Brexit deal is the last remaining law of the current Session is, could a rejection of the lower house mean the end of the current session – then the Queen would have to speak.

The Northern Ireland Party DUP wants to use that to their advantage and overthrows May as soon as possible, reports the image, Because: At every new session, the governing coalition comes to the test.

Where is the UK now and where did the original approval for the EU exit come from? Political scientist Lorenz Narku Laing seeks answers in his guest contribution to Brexit.

Brexit: Now it's clear how long May wants to stay in office

Update from April 13, 12:21 pm: For the British Parliament, the Easter break began on Friday. The government and the Labor opposition continued to negotiate the future relationship of the British to the EU. May started the talks last week because she has not had her own parliamentary majority three times for her package negotiated with the EU. Their goal is a fourth vote in time for the European elections, in order to be able to cancel them.

8.40 clock: British Prime Minister Theresa May remains in office in the words of her Chancellor until Britain's final departure from the EU. "As far as I know, she has no plans to relinquish the office before she closes the (Brexit) deal," Finance Minister Philip Hammond said on Friday with Bloomberg. "She is a person of great responsibility, she is a person committed to delivering Brexit to the British, and she will certainly live up to that commitment." Ibid

Hammond said the government was ready to hold talks with opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn on a customs union with the EU. But the discussions would not necessarily lead to this solution. That would be a closer bond than she thinks the vast majority of conservatives are right. "We are ready to discuss all these things with them (by Labor)," he said. "But just because this topic is on the table does not mean that we accept or do it. But we are ready to talk about it. "

Steinmeier warns at Brexit "horror without end"

7:00 am: Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier hopes for Britain to leave the EU before the European elections. It would be "best if it came quickly, that is, before the elections in late May, to a constructive majority in the British Parliament for a withdrawal contract," said Steinmeier the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" on Saturday. He warned in this context before a "horror without end".

Nonetheless, Steinmeier defended the agreement between the EU and the UK to postpone Brexit until the end of October at the latest. It was "right to do anything to limit the negative impact," he told the "SZ," noting the risks of a harsh Brexit without agreement. However, he expressed skepticism about Britain's participation in the European elections. This would be necessary if the country did not leave the EU by the election date.

In general, Steinmeier expressed stunned by the Brexit chaos in the UK. "What is taking place is less and less understandable and more difficult to explain," said the Federal President. For him, it is important to limit the consequences of the withdrawal – for Great Britain, but also for the remaining 27 EU member states. He added, "Looking forward to future challenges, I wish we could maintain the unity of the EU-27 from the Brexit negotiations for our work on these urgent issues of the future."

Frank-Walter Steinmeier advocates the Brexit shift.


The Brexit news from April 12: Farage wants to Brexit party in the European Parliament – but makes a mistake

Update from April 12, 9:37 pm: He wants to get out of the European Union, but also back in her parliament: The former Ukip boss Nigel Farage hopes with his Brexit Party on a success in the European elections. He said that at the campaign launch on Friday in Coventry.

Prior to the referendum in 2016, longtime MEP Farage was one of the leaders of Brexit advocates. Later he retired from the Ukip top, but kept his seat in Strasbourg. From there, he wanted to "defy the parliamentarians in Westminster after an election victory with the Brexit Party, which was founded in January," Farage announced.

Whether Britain participates in the European elections is currently unclear. After numerous defeats in Parliament, Prime Minister Theresa May is currently hoping to get her resignation agreement through the House of Commons at least so quickly that her country can leave the EU before the election date at the end of May. The other member states approved another reprieve at a special summit in Brussels this week.

With Coventry, Farrage had chosen a historic location for his announcement: The historic city was destroyed during the Second World War by German bombing attacks in large parts.

The 55-year-old said he had the impression that Britain was "a land of lions ruled by donkeys". A backlash saying that since Farrage and his party friends had failed to register the Internet address "thebrexitparty.com", that instead did a group of Brexit critics.

The group, which calls itself "governed by donkeys", published there a call for election against Farrage. No one is more responsible than he is for today's state of the country, it says, and continues: "It's time to stop Farrage."

German rigoros: Brexit poll shows tough attitude

Update from April 12, 12:45 pm: The Brexit was postponed again. Britain has to leave the EU by 31 October. The ZDF political barometer has interviewed about 1,250 Germans on Brexit. 73 percent of respondents are confident that Brexit will last for a longer period of time. 14 percent believe in a disorderly exit in the coming weeks and only 7 percent in an orderly exit.

Also read at fr.de *: The Brexit horror show continues

A longer shift is only 25 percent good and 67 percent bad. The majority wants to bring the drama of the exit finally to an end. However, only 9 percent of respondents think that Brexit is good in general. 67 percent consider leaving the UK bad.

Also read the commentary from Merkur.de * to Brexit: Brexit drama can have bad consequences for Weber

Altmaier welcomes renewed Brexit extension

09:03: Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier (CDU) sees the postponement of the Brexit appointment on 31 October as an opportunity for the German government and the German economy to better prepare for Britain's exit from the EU and possible consequences. "The extension puts pressure off the process," Altmaier said "Passauer New Press" (Friday edition). This would mean more time for all concerned to adapt to the changes.

"We have a chance that the negative consequences of Brexit on the economy can be contained." That's good news, "said the Federal Minister of Economics. The preparations for a possible Brexit are good. That will remain so in the next few months. "Nevertheless, the exit of such a large member state would end up having a negative impact," said Altmaier. This applies in particular to the trade and export of German goods to Great Britain.

It has also been shown that Britain is having a hard time leaving the European Union. "We're going to see some very interesting debates in the UK," Altmaier continued. There is now a chance that the relationship between the British and the European Union will be much closer, because British Prime Minister Theresa May is seeking a bipartisan compromise.

EPP's top candidate Weber sees risks from Brexit shift

7.22: The European People's Party (EPP) leading candidate for the European elections, Manfred Weber, criticizes the possible participation of the British in the European elections and calls for a renewed referendum on British EU membership. "A second referendum would be the logical step," said the CSU politician of the "Augsburger Allgemeine" (Friday). "But only the British themselves can make the decision."

"I can not explain to anyone how it can be that a country leaving the EU will have a significant impact on the European elections," said Weber of the "Augsburger Allgemeine". "One is perplexed by the development." The future questions were lost in the British chaos. Further concessions of the EU to London could not exist. "A country leaving the European Union can no longer enjoy the benefits."

According to Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier, the Brexit postponement puts pressure on the proceedings. "For all those involved, that means more time to adjust to the changes," said the CDU politician of the "Passauer Neue Presse" (Friday). "We have the chance that the negative effects of Brexit on the economy can be contained. That's good news. "The preparations for a possible Brexit are good. That will remain so in the next few months.

Video: Brexit nightmare only postponed? Opinions of Londoners

Brexit: "unworthy" behavior? Heavy criticism of Theresa May

8:20 pm: Following the renewed postponement of the Brexit date, British Prime Minister Theresa May has rejected resignations from her conservative party ranks. Instead, she called on members of the London House of Commons on Thursday to seek together a "way out of the impasse".

In Parliament, May was contrite about the renewed delay. "The whole country is seriously frustrated that this process of leaving the European Union is still ongoing," she said.

From parts of her own party May was heavily criticized for the Brexit postponement. "The pressure on them will increase dramatically," former Brexit minister David Davis said BBC, The conservative Brexit hardliner William Cash accused the Prime Minister of "unworthy" behavior in Brussels. "Will she resign?" Cash asked. May responded in the lower house: "I think you know the answer." Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn accused May of "diplomatic failure." She mishandled the "whole Brexit process," said the Labor politician.

19.10 clock: Another case made headlines today from the UK: After the arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in London so far, the question has not quite answered why Ecuador deprived the 47-year-old after seven years, the asylum and thus made the arrest possible. Now there are first hints.

Brexit: risk charge against Merkel

3:47 pm: FDP Group Vice Alexander Graf Lambsdorff has accused Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) of having endangered the EU by advocating a long Brexit postponement. "The risk is great. (…) For the first time there has been a dispute in Brussels over how to deal with Brexit, whereas so far we only knew the dispute from London. In my view, this extension imports the dispute over the Brexit from London to Brussels, on the European continent and is therefore very dangerous, "said the FDP politician on Thursday in the RBB Inforadio.

Theresa May (left) and Angela Merkel on Tuesday on the terrace of the Federal Chancellery in Berlin.


Lambsdorff added that he also accused the chancellor "that she included the European elections and also the designation of the next European Commission here". The British are expected to participate in the European elections after the postponement on May 23, even though they actually want to leave the EU. At the same time Lambsdorff criticized the plan to impose conditions on the British in return for the delay. "This is a significant risk, because what you hear from Brussels, Britain may stay, but not participate properly, the European treaties do not give. A second-class member is not intended. "

3:23 pm: In search of a way out of Brexit's impasse, British Prime Minister Theresa May has promised further talks with the opposition Labor party. She wants to implement the EU exit, for which the British had voted in the referendum almost three years ago, said the head of government on Thursday in the parliament in London. Demands for a second referendum she rejected. "I continue to believe that we will leave the European Union as soon as possible with a deal."

14.18: The desire for Brexit also seems to have come to an end with the EU boss – if it ever existed … "We are now taking a Brexit break in this house. We are back on our positive agenda, "said Margaritis Schinas, spokesman for EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, following the Brexit postponement on Thursday in Brussels on the work of the coming months.

Brexit postponed: press scoffs and draws bad comparison

12:58: It seems that part of the British press can no longer take the drama of Brexit seriously. The free newspaper "Metro" compared the Brexit jokingly with the "black hole", from which researchers were able to show pictures for the first time: "What the Brexit looks like from space", "Agreement (to Brexit) seems as far away as this black hole "Or" Theresa May is absorbed in the Brussels whirlpool ". The paper headlined: "While the EU is dictating the future of the British." It can be seen here.

Similarly, there are other media in the kingdom: "May's Halloween Horror," writes about the online edition of the "Daily Mail" and speaks of a "humiliating nightmare" for Theresa May. "May nightmare," also titled "The Sun" ,

Theresa May at the EU special summit on Brexit.

© dpa / Stefan Rousseau

The Times already shows May the door: "It's important that the new delay is not wasted. If the parliamentary process fails again, Theresa May should accept that the national interest requires her resignation to make way for a new prime minister and a new strategy. "

Meanwhile, the Guardian has already surrendered: "EU leaders are disappointed in Britain. But they also accept the need to maintain solid relationships. The impulse to free oneself from an annoying neighbor is dampened by the consideration that an upset and vengeful Britain will pose more risks in the long run. Unfortunately, this balance is poorly understood in our country. Brexit supporters are eager to escape the institutional link with the EU. But the country will never achieve a clean separation from the European project. Partnerships with our European neighbors inevitably result from geography, diplomacy and business. "

International papers such as the conservative Polish newspaper "Rzeczpospolita" speak of a "power game". And: "So far the result is uncertain. Theresa May does not necessarily want a compromise. She needs someone to blame for a possible defeat. "

t-online says: "The EU has once again maintained its unity in dealing with the regressive Britons, which is good, but further developments are now completely in the hands of the UK and that is bad news." The Tagesschau believes: " Not the new Brexit deadline on October 31 will put Britain under pressure but the European elections in May. "

Brexit postponement: calls for a second referendum are getting louder

10.50 am: With relief British companies have responded that a hard Brexit is averted for the time being. "This new extension means that a looming economic crisis could be prevented," said CBI CEO Carolyn Fairbairn, Twitter spokesman on Thursday. Now, a restart is necessary: ​​for the benefit of jobs and communities now "all political leaders should use the time well".

What is needed now is a "serious bipartisan cooperation to end this chaos," demanded Fairbairn. CBI President John Allan told BBC 4 that if politicians did not act together, the only other option would be to return to the people and hold a second referendum.

10.07 clock: After the renewed Brexit shift, calls for a second referendum become louder. "A flexible extension until 31 October is long enough to hold a referendum," said British Liberal Democrat spokesman Tom Brake in London on Thursday. "It's long overdue that Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn give up their political games," said Brake. Similarly, the new "Independent Group" had previously expressed in the lower house (see 6.17 clock).

The "Independent Group" in the House of Commons consists of about a dozen former Labor and Tory MPs who have joined in discontent over the Brexit course. She had recently announced that she would be recognized as a party.

After EU summit: Is now threatening a "Halloween Brexit"? Trump criticizes action

7:57: After the Brexit shift, US President Donald Trump has criticized the EU for its behavior towards Britain. "Too bad that the European Union is dealing so harshly with the UK and Brexit," Trump wrote in the Twitter short message service Thursday.

Despite the extended deadline, the US President attacked the EU in his tweet. The federation is also a "brutal trading partner" to the US, said Trump. That will change, however. "Sometimes you have to get people to catch their breath before everything comes back and haunts them," he added.

After EU summit: Is now threatening a "Halloween Brexit"?

6.17 clock: A Brexit postponement until the end of October is enough, according to the new "Independent Group" in the British Parliament, to hold a new referendum in the UK. That said spokesman for the group, Chuka Umunna, in the night to Thursday. With such a referendum "the whole debacle can be brought to an end," tweeted the deputy Chris Leslie, who also belongs to the new group. Otherwise you have to expect a very long horror story about the "Halloween Brexit".

The "Independent Group" in the House of Commons consists of about a dozen former Labor and Tory MPs who have joined in discontent over the Brexit course. She had recently announced that she would be recognized as a party.

Brexit postponed: impact on European elections

British Prime Minister Theresa May still considers it possible that her country should withdraw from the EU before the European elections. If it succeeds in ratifying the withdrawal agreement by 22 May, Britain would not have to participate in the European elections, she said after the special summit on Thursday morning in Brussels. The election will take place in Europe from 23 to 26 May. May added that she wanted to continue to organize a majority for the Brexit Treaty in London. She wanted to speak again in the lower house and continue the discussions with the opposition Labor Party.

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EU summit on Brexit extension: time gained should not be wasted

Update from April 11th, 6.08 am: After the special summit in Brussels on the night of Thursday, it is clear how long the Brexit will be postponed. With the EU, Britain agreed on the 31st of October. According to EU Council President Donald Tusk, Britain is now on the ball. "In this time, the process will be entirely in the hands of the United Kingdom," said Tusk after the EU Special Summit. Britain could agree to the Brexit deal, reconsider its strategy or even withdraw from the planned EU exit. The newly won six months should not be wasted, Tusk appealed.

Video: Theresa May will forever remain "Brexit Prime Minister"

Brexit extension after Special Summit in Brussels: "Good decision"

Chancellor Angela Merkel has welcomed the agreement on a new deadline for Britain's withdrawal from the European Union. It was "a very intense, very good evening", which showed the unity of the EU, said Merkel in the night of Thursday after approximately eight-hour negotiations at the EU summit in Brussels. "Just to give room to British decision-making, it's a good decision we made today."

Merkel first had to cope with a heavy stroke of fate. Her mother died at the age of 90 years.

EU summit: Brexit postponed – now it's clear how long

02.10 clock: British Prime Minister Theresa May has accepted the EU's proposed Brexit shift by six months. The EU and the UK had agreed "on a flexible extension until 31 October," said EU Council President Donald Tusk on the night of Thursday in the short message service Twitter. "This gives the UK six more months to find the best possible solution."

First announcement: Brexit extension: EU states make May offer

Brussels – The EU has offered Britain a postponement of Prime Minister Theresa May for well over half a year until October 31. Diplomats told the special summit on Thursday night in Brussels. Previously, especially France had resisted a longer delay. Whether the British accept the offer was not clear at first.

Interesting: The now offered exit date is between the preferred by the skeptical Macron date in the summer of 2019 and Tusk's plan. The EU Council leader campaigned for a one-year transfer.

Video: France has reservations about long Brexit shift

Brexit tied to tough conditions – it's May

If Parliament in London agrees with the exit deal already negotiated with the British government, Britain could leave the EU earlier. Tusk has already confirmed this on Twitter. He brings the agreement to May now. May says "No", threatens on Friday the hard Brexit.

The postponement to 31 October is "reasonable," wrote Malta's Prime Minister Joseph Muscat on Twitter. It gives Britain time to "finally choose its path". The review in June will allow to "evaluate the situation".

The extension offer would, according to the draft EU summit, be subject to clear conditions. So the British would have to participate in the European elections in May. This is to ensure that there are no legal difficulties if Britain should still be a member of the EU in the summer but has not elected any MEPs.

Tusk had warned Brexit's reprieve too soon

Another condition for a Brexit shift would be for the UK government to stop interfering with or blocking EU decisions. This could be important, for example, in the appointment of the next EU Commission chief or in the negotiations on the EU financial framework for the years 2021 to the end of 2027. In June there will also be a review of the exit process.

May had previously campaigned for a postponement until June 30. However, EU Council President Donald Tusk had warned that a brief delay would increase the risk of new summits and deadlines. This could overshadow and paralyze the rest of the EU's work in the coming months.

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