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Brexit: Theresa May's approval of Tory members has hit a record low, according to survey – Live News | politics

Theresa May should hold her first PMQs since the Easter break today. Before the break, she told MEPs that they should use the holiday to test their "national duty" and think about how they might find a solution to Brexit's impasse. This desire does not seem to be fulfilled, but Tory MPs have been thinking about what they can do to free themselves from May.

And a recent poll among conservative Party members on the ConservativeHome website shows how little support May has in her party right now. According to the Conservative Home, May approval ratings have reached a record low among members.

Here are the metrics.

Satisfaction ratings for cabinet ministers among the Tory members

Satisfaction ratings for cabinet ministers among Tory members Photo: ConservativeHome

And here is an excerpt from the analysis of ConservativeHome Mark Wallace, He says:

For obvious reasons, the prime minister blames the party members – both for the Brexit defeat and for the more general problems their continued leadership is likely to cause. Her rating was not fantastic in February when she was -40.8, but the prospect of displacement pushed her to -51.2 in March, and the reality of that broken pledge has toppled her numbers and is at -73 5 fell April. I've searched our archives, and as far as I can see, this is the worst rating a Conservative has ever received on this issue. The only cabinet table numbers I could find were Vince Cable and Chris Huhne, who were at the top of their posts during the coalition years. These are not individuals that a Prime Minister of Tory would like to compete with the popular roots of the base.

Here is the agenda for the day.

9:15: Chancellor Philip Hammond gives the Commons Treasury Committee evidence for the spring statement. My colleague Graeme Wearden will be reporting on his business live blog.

10 am: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube provide evidence of hate crime to the Commons Internal Affairs Committee.

11 clock At a press conference, the National Institute for Economic and Social Research publishes new economic forecasts on the "economic outlook beyond Brexit's parliamentary dead-end".

11 clock Nigel Farage, the party leader of Brexit, visits Clacton. He organizes a tour followed by a rally.

12 o'clock: David Lidington, the minister of the Cabinet, will take over PMQs.

13.00: The funeral of the writer and journalist Lyra McKee takes place in Belfast. Theresa May will be there.

1.30 pm: Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland's first minister, makes a statement to the Scottish parliament on Brexit and independence.

2.30 pm: Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England, presents evidence to the Public Account Committee of the Commons on the waiting times of cancer.

Afternoon: The executive of the 1922 Conservative Backbench Committee is expected to convene to continue the discussion on whether the rules should be amended to allow an early vote of no confidence in May. Later there will be a full session of the 1922 Committee.

As usual, I will report on the latest political news and bring you the best responses, comments and analysis from the Internet, although I expect it will focus largely on developments related to Brexit. I plan to publish a summary when I'm done.

Here you can read all current articles of the Guardian policy. Here is the summary of political news from Politico Europe. And here's the list of PoliticsHome with the top 10 must-reads of today.

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TO UPDATE: I changed this post to reflect the fact that number 10 has now said that May will not take PMQs because they will go to Belfast instead.



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