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Brexit, what can British MPs agree on?

At the European Council of 21 and 22 March, the Twenty-Seven sent London back to its responsibilities, submitting two assumptions to the British deputies. European Heads of State and Government concede a postponement of Brexit until 22 May, the eve of the European elections, if and only if MEPs approve in the coming days the agreement of divorce concluded in November and they already have rejected twice. In case of further rejection, London would have until April 12 to decide to leave the EU without agreement or to request a longer postponement, provided to participate in the European elections.

"With the stronger pressure, a vote for the agreement is possible"

Olivier from France

Director of Research at the Institute of International and Strategic Relations (Iris)

British MPs should vote for the third time the same withdrawal agreement, without any change in content. One might think that there is no reason for their vote to be different. What has changed from one time to another is the political pressure they have to bear. Theresa May moreover put on it. This pressure has already intervened between the first rejection (432 votes against 202), last January, and the second, in March (391 votes against 242) … Read more

"In case of big defeat, Theresa May will be overthrown"

Anand Menon

Professor of European Politics at King's College London University and Director of the UK in a Changing Europe Research Center

The decision of the European Council on Thursday, March 21, has not changed the fundamentals of the week ahead: Theresa May must accept his agreement under penalty of dragging the United Kingdom to exit the EU without agreement. If she loses a dozen votes, she will probably try to organize a fourth vote. In the event of another defeat, I doubt that it will engage in dialogue with the Labor opposition, which wants to keep the country in a customs union with the EU … Read more

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