Brexit, a blessing or a misfortune for the economy and British and European savers?

While it is fashionable to be pessimistic about the financial and industrial economic prospects of the United Kingdom, Financière de la Cité continues to encourage its clients and investors to invest in English securities. His refrain is unequivocal: "Contrary to the forecasts of the official economists (the? Project fear?), The British economy has benefited from the decline of the pound sterling and continues to show growth and employment rates higher than the European average. Brexit will not be a path of roses, but it offers long-term investment opportunities in a context where euro-zone economies are constrained by deflationary policies. Emmanuel Sales, president of this independent management company founded in Paris in 2005, explains in detail why, against all odds, he continues to invest in the businesses of His Most Gracious Majesty … Point: England is in the middle of a political and European storm, and yet you still believe in the London Stock Exchange? Emmanuel Sales: Of course! Despite the decline in the pound, England accounts for nearly 17% of European GDP, more than France (15.7%). It has an open, dynamic economy, a long parliamentary tradition and has the advantage of having its own central bank. The current uncertainty is an asset for savvy savers, the decline of the pound …

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