BRI Mobile Banking Application Crashes Today, How Long Will BRIMO Error? This is the explanation of BRI Bank

DIY NEWS – The BRI Bank Mobile Banking application, BRIMO is experiencing disruption today Friday, September 30, 2022. Find out the cause and how long the disturbance will last as well as an explanation from BRI bank.

On the evening of Friday, September 30, 2022, a number of netizens and BRI bank customers complained about problems with the BRI or BRIMO mobile banking application.

It is known that the disturbances have started since 18.00 WIB where several netizens have written questions about why BRI’s mobile banking cannot be accessed.

A number of netizens also reported problems and problems with the BRIMO application by mentioning the @BANKBRI_ID Twitter account to explain what happened.

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As the account owner @yasavad wrote, “@BANKBRI_ID Brimo is another problem, Min? How come you can’t log in.”

The owner of the account @VhieAndryani also complained about the same thing, “Why is the Brimo application not working, min?”

Several netizens also shared a photo of the notification that appeared in the BRIMO application with the words,

“Sorry. Our server is currently under maintenance. Please try again in a few minutes”.