Bricklayer: At one point, the flood of occupation no longer had power over the people

Despite the pandemic, the public sitting of the Saeima did not miss this year either. The Speaker of the Parliament Ināra Mūrniece (NA) thanked both the deputies who once voted for the restoration of independence and the whole society for their resilience in the conditions of Covid-19.

As usual, for security reasons, deputies gathered in various halls of the Saeima. Congratulating everyone on the holiday, the Speaker of the Parliament said that May 4 is the day when, after decades, the dream of several generations of Latvia – to regain their independent state – came true.

“In an instant, the flood of occupation no longer had power over the people. Freedom vibrated in the air, ”said Mūrniece.

She thanked the 138 members of the Supreme Council who, encouraged, supported and inspired by the people, voted for the restoration of independence. The bricklayer gave many words of gratitude to both doctors and teachers for their work in teaching students remotely. Both to all residents for endurance.

“Latvian society as a whole is guided by common sense. Most people try to do their best to fight the spread of the virus, ”said Mūrniece.

The Speaker of the Saeima urged to take care not only of her immunity, but also to strengthen the immunity of democracy.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has been accompanied by a flow of disinformation or information. It uses public confusion, sows anxiety and fear. Preaches open errors. Therefore, all possible methods to distinguish true news from manipulation need to be strengthened. The geopolitical goal of the “infodemias chefs” unfriendly to us is broader and deeper – to destabilize the work of Western institutions, ”Mūrniece pointed out.

Lies must also be confronted with facts in order to increase the pace of vaccination, Mūrniece emphasized. In her opinion, the government and the Saeima have been able to take the necessary decisions to protect public health, which have also been corrected if necessary, as the challenge posed by the pandemic is new.



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